A Little Dash Of Cute

It’s been a rough week guys, thank goodness it’s Thursday and tomorrow is my day off. So to brighten my day, and hopefully yours, here are some cute things to look at.

I feel like this is all I needed today. BAM post done. But I’ll still share some more.


From a Loved One. Handwriting Memory Necklace. by hendersweet

Maple Leaf Lariat Wedding Graduation Anniversary Best by beadxs, $27.00

Pinecone in rose or white. $13 BLACKKOLLABO on Etsy

- ̗̀ saith my he A rt ̖́-

Round prism glitter in hand blown glass ball long by thestudio8, $34.00

Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel & Eric Boat Necklace

23 thoughts on “A Little Dash Of Cute

    • I only wear the same necklace and two rings all the time lol so I’d never actually buy any of these things i post but I still think they are super cute! And if I was more of a jewellery wearing person I would wear dainty necklaces too 😊

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  1. I own a rhino ring, but he isn’t as cute as that hippo. And the butterfly rings are gorgeous. I’m almost tempted to hunt some down except I already own a ring that is a bunch of gold and enamel daisies and have learnt that rings with sticky up bits look awesome but are problematic to wear (I still wear the ring though cause I love it).

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    • Haha I have a ring that had a rabbit sticking up from it and it is such a pain! And it’s too small to go all the way to the base of my finger but also too small to stay in the middle where I want it to stay which makes it getting stuck on things so much worse

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  2. Beautiful these decorations.
    I also like your blog. My blog has a translator version on the side, so you’ll also read, although I write in Polish.


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