I need a new week

Someone please come and rescue me.

Okies guys here’s the rundown:

Sunday: FREEZING COLD, unexpected snow overnight, church, no earmuffs, art gallery cancelled AGAIN.

Monday: Earache, headache (because I was dumb and didn’t wear earmuffs to church), snowstorm, having to walk home through knee-deep snow. Watching idiots get stuck on York Mills road because I live right at the corner and get to watch them while waiting up until 12 for one of the students I live with to get home because at 9:30 she was still at school waiting for it to stop snowing before coming home. And when she arrived she wasn’t wearing a coat or hat!! IN THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY IN CANADA!!!! And she was already sick!!!

Tuesday: sidewalks aren’t cleared. Apparently, you don’t get a fine in Toronto for not cleaning the snow from the sidewalk in front of your house after a snowfall. You can just leave the knee-high snow there and it’s not a problem. Didn’t sleep because all I could hear was the spinning of tires and shouting from York Mills as people kept trying to make it up the hill all night. Positive note: all the kids were home from school and we got to play in the snow for like an hour and it was fun.

Wednesday: brushing my teeth and there’s a knock at the door. A student can’t open the door to get to school. I go down, it’s unlocked and the handle turns but the latch won’t release. Thankfully we can get to the clinic from our house and I let her out there. Call my boss who says to use a hair dryer to try to release it. Flashback to when a different student got locked in the bathroom, and now I think the handle is broken not frozen.

I am over this week! I am DONE! Please, someone, make it better.

21 thoughts on “I need a new week

  1. Girl, I hear ya. I’m planning a regional meeting for work with an expected attendance to reach around 90 and no one wants to communicate with me and I just had to reschedule another meeting from yesterday (for about 40) because they were calling for snow and all we got were flurries and some wind. People suck and I’m done.

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