Saturday Questions #21

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Have you?

How have I changed in the last year?

I’m not actually sure how much I’ve changed over the last year but I’ve done some pretty amazing things!

I’ve expanded my skills and learned so much more about nail art, worked with a toddler all summer for the first time ever learning valuable things like potty training and how to properly go on a puddle hunt, fallen in love, recovered from the shattered heart after, submitted a book to an agency to see if they would publish it, accepted that rejection and started a new book to submit to different agencies, expanded my brain through reading some amazing books, started running and loved it.

All these things have changed my life, but I’m not exactly sure that I have changed because of them? Is there a difference between life-changing things and you actually changing? Or are they connected? If you have something that changes your life, do you automatically change as a person?

How have you changed this year?

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