Pot Luck Specialties

Are potlucks the epitome of adult life? I think so.

I’m part of a small group at my church. All the groups are going through the same book, and I decided that since I didn’t really know anyone at the church (after going there for almost 2 years) that I should join one and become more connected. I picked one that was on a night I was free, was led by a name I knew (the associate pastor) and the location on the paper was semi-close to my house. A very important factor since I don’t have my own car.

Well, I love my group! I’m the youngest, with all the other people being between ” 40 and married with children” and like 85. But it’s nice! The only thing is that we are having a few potlucks lately.

We meet every other Friday at 7 so it’s kind of dinner time for most of the group. I missed the first meal at the very start of the sessions, then two weeks ago it was the first one back after Christmas. I didn’t know until last minute and kind of had a dinner date already that night. He dropped me off at the church after but I had already eaten so I didn’t have/bring anything.

But this week, the associate pastor is recovering from surgery so we are all going to his house. I’ve reached out to one of the ladies and she is going to bring me (it would take me an hour and a half via bus to get there). But once again, there is a meal and now I’m in this “omg what do I bring!?” mode. My church is doing the Daniel Fast which means no meat for 21 days. I’m not participating but for the purposes of tonight, all food has to be vegetarian.

The email didn’t specifically say that everyone was to bring something but what kind of person would I be if I showed up and didn’t bring something?! I was raised to be a 1950’s housewife and my grandma would turn in her grave, her Scottish heart igniting with fire if I showed up to a meal at someone’s house without bringing something!

Ok, that’s maybe a little bit overdramatic, but she’s been dead for 20 years and I’m not going to be the one to have her rise from the dead over a small thing like a potluck. Scottish women are scary enough as it is when they are angry, I know, I’m one of them, and I don’t need a dead, angry, 101-year-old Scottish woman after me. 

But do you bring like a dish or just a snack type deal? I’ve kind of settled on the middle ground: a taco dip. It’s a solid side dish.

It’s super yummy and after I make it I can post up some pictures for it and how to make it.

But the point of my rambling this morning is basically to ask all those actual adults out there (I refuse to accept that I am one even though I’m 31) what is your go-to potluck dish? Do you have one that everyone asks for because you’re the only one who makes it so well? One thing you make relatively well and it’s easy so you’ve just started taking it to everything now? Or do you switch it up and bring something different to everything because life is too short to have a “go-to” potluck dish?

Help me adults who are better at being adults!

35 thoughts on “Pot Luck Specialties

  1. One of those moments you need an adultier adult. Unfortunately, I’m not very adulty either. I am invited to a lot of pot lucks though. I think it depends on the time of year for me. My go to is apple pie in the winter (I know, not really a side), but that’s what people ask for. Every other time, it depends on the function, but I usually do a dessert. Which is funny, because most people think of me as a health nut. They love my desserts though. Haha. I love your idea of a dip. Dip-able things are fun at gatherings.

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  2. I tend to switch it up mainly because I like to do seasonal dishes. For the holiday pot luck at work back in December, I brought white chocolate peppermint kettle corn as a healthy dessert alternative and everyone seemed to like it. Personally, the favorite that I make (usually in the warmer months) is a dessert fruit pizza made with a sugar cookie crust, a cream cheese/cool whip ‘sauce’ and mixed fruits-it’s always been a hit with any group.

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  3. Desserts are always a good bet to bring to a pot luck. Can’t go wrong with something sweet. We do those at my work a few times a year, and I generally sign up to bring drinks…if the only other dude in my department doesn’t beat me to it. Easy way out? You betcha. 😃👍🏻

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  4. I don’t like potlucks for this very reason. No one knows what to bring, so everyone brings a side dish which means the meal lacks a main course (unless the host provides it). So then you’re left with a paper plate full of a a small handful of 8 different items and have to pretend, ‘YUM HEARTY FOOD”. No.

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  5. I have a few go-tos… My husband’s friends are very into meat and it almost always ends up being just meat and bread! So, I always volunteer to bring a salad/pasta salad, some crudities and my internationally acclaimed (I can say that, right?) ‘brat kartoffel’. But if not, everyone loved a dessert. Your taco dip sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing your photos!

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  6. I tend to make bread and bring butter or my go to maple pecan cornbread with maple butter or I make cupcakes. Brownies or cookies are never fail too. I also make quiches, pasta salads are always popular. A nice pilaf is good or just dips and veggie crudités

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  7. Move Down Under. Potluck isn’t that common here. But if we are going to a barbie and take a plate, I often take broccoli salad because no-one else makes it here (I got the recipe when I was in the States over 20 years ago – and doesn’t that make my body feel old…not me, in my head I’m still 26).

    But if you wanted to reverse that, and take an Aussie dish because then no-one else would have that I could offer a few – especially desserts *grin*

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  8. I’m not always the biggest fan of the potluck. And I know it’s all because I’m a picky eater. If I’m not sure what’s in a questionable casserole, there’s a good chance I’m not putting any of that on my plate. And then, inevitably, someone’s feelings get hurt because, “Why didn’t you get some of my questionable casserole? It’s my great aunt Dottie’s recipe! I made it with love! I wanted to see the look of euphoria on your face when you tried it!” I don’t wanna deal with that.

    Although, I do attend a Baptist church, so potlucks are a given. I’m a single guy, so sometimes I buy into the stereotype and just bring something store bought (potato salad, macaroni salad, rolls). But when I decide to put forth effort, I make a pretty decent macaroni and cheese. My grandmother actually taught me how to make her version, in the big casserole dish. It’s so good. Sometimes I add bacon to it, just to be different. Because you just know that eight other people are bringing mac and cheese.

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    • Ooo yeah baptist potlucks!! Apparently I missed the mark tonight because it wasn’t a potluck and I was the only one who brought something haha! But they all enjoyed it.

      I like potlucks because I get to try a little bit of everything. Even if it’s questionable, I’ll take a tiny bit and if I like it I can always go back and get more!

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