North Pole Correspondence

I got a letter from the north!

Remember way back in November when I made a post about writing Christmas cards for the Any Canadian Solider campaign? Well, I got a reply back from one of the cards!!

It was the one that got sent to CFS Alert – which is in Nunavut, which is basically right next door to where Santa lives.

The Lieutenant who wrote to me had the most amazingly beautiful penmanship! Omg, I wish my writing looked like her’s.


She’s the senior medical authority on her station but writes that by the time I got the letter she’d be done her 6-month tour and would be back in Ottawa.

She included a little info about life on base, including that one day there were unable to go outside for three days because polar bears decided to visit them. Also, right now they are in their 24-hour darkness cycle. GAH! I can’t even imagine that. Gross. I need sunshine!

Christmas was a fun time for her on the base and they even had a Santa Claus parade before “he headed south”. SHE KNOWS SANTA! OMG

And if that wasn’t enough, these were the stamps on the envelope:


Do you see that? “Santa Claus Country” hehe! Omg, I love my country so much!

14 thoughts on “North Pole Correspondence

  1. I always say every year I’m going to do some for our soldiers and for some reason it slips my mind while I’m in the middle of doing cards. NEXT YEAR IT IS ON!

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  2. That is so cool. I’m with you on the needing sunshine thing. The 24 hour days of sun would be great but I’d have to move south for the winter to find some sun.

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