Nail Art Sunday: Matte and Glossy

Guess who’s back! Back again!

Spoiler: It’s me!

So it’s been about a month since my last nail art video, and I was feeling the pain of boring nails so here I am with a new design!

This one was super cute in the inspiration picture and I am so glad that I selected it for this week’s manicure!

Over Christmas, I watched a lot of Nail Career Education videos on Youtube. Like so much so that I was having dreams of trying to get a manicure from the lady who does the videos (and now my dream is to save up the money and go to BC for one of her week-long nail seminars, but that’s a totally different post).

I learned a few new things and I wanted to try them out to see if I could get my gel polish to last a full two weeks without lifting or chipping. They are in the video, so check it out!

Here is the inspiration picture:


See what I mean?! It’s adorable! Matte green polish, shiny white, black striping tape. Seriously I was in heaven. And it’s such an easy thing to do, and it gives you such an amazing outcome. It’s great!

Now, I used my gel polish for this one because I wanted to see if any of the new tips I picked up over the holidays worked for me. But if you wanted to do this with regular polish you totally can! Of course, you use your top coat on the white, and then you can either buy a matte top coat for regular polish OR you can make your own. I’ve made my own and it’s so easy peasy! Just mix corn starch with your regular top coat and BAM! Matte! 😉

Okies so here is my video showing you how to get this design:

And here we go with the final picture!


Happy Sunday!! If you’re in Ontario and are in the middle of this CRAZY extreme cold warning right now, stay warm lovelies! xoxo

Next post will be for Valentine’s day!!

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