WordPress – I’m not feeling you today!

I had a post written out, edited, and ready to post. I hit publish. WordPress deleted it. I’m not sure what happened. It didn’t even save like it always does!

So instead, this is my new post for today:

I need some suggestions on books to read. Hit me up! I’m open to anything except for horror.

7 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. Okay… I know you said no horror, but hear me out. Stephen King’s The Stand is a phenomenal book. It’s super long, but it’s worth it. And it’s less a horror story and more a battle between good and evil. But it is Stephen King, so it has moments of extremely horrific descriptions in the world he builds for the story… Never mind.

    Have you read the Percy Jackson books? They’re a fun read. I actually just read through the first series again and am working my way through the sequel series now.

    I also really enjoyed Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die series. It was a really interesting take on the Wizard of Oz mythos and what happened after the original book/movie.

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    • I’m not opposed to thriller, just not horror. I can’t explain the difference to you, sorry. Would “the stand” fall more into thriller or horror? Lol have you read Ted DekKer? “Adam” is like my limit haha.

      Never heard of any of the other books but I will try to check them out!!


  2. Try this: Write out your post on a separate document. I use Microsoft word and google doc as a backup. I save everything just in case WordPress has a hiccup. A few months back the same thing happened to me. Had I not backed it up I would have lost the entire post like you.

    Remember: Back up is my friend. 🙂

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