A case of the Mondays

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I usually don’t have a case of the Mondays. In fact, I actually like Mondays. I get to see my kids again, it’s a pretty easy time at work, it’s good times.

Yesterday was not a good Monday.

I woke up to find both sinks full of dishes: there was not a single cereal bowl or toast plate in the cupboard. The one good frying pan (you know it’s not all scratched up, nothing sticks to it, it’s easy to clean) was in the sink, all the “can cook for more than two people” pots were in the sink. On Friday I had enough eggs left for at least two more breakfasts and when I opened the carton, there wasn’t even enough for yesterday’s breakfast because the girls I live with had eaten over half of what was left.

All of this before 7:10 in the morning!

Then my watch broke, I’m not sure how. The post that holds the band to the face has little balls on the end. They are SOLID. Like so strong. One of them has just magically snapped off. So no more watch. I love my watch!

I arrived at work and 3 out of the 4 kids were home sick. 1st was sleeping and had completely lost her voice with no energy. 3rd was coughing, fever, no energy, plus he has asthma so that makes it all worse. 4th was watching tv, she had a little more energy than the other two but she was still down and out. Both of the mom’s ears were hurting her, possibly the start of an infection.

My gloves had holes in them so washing dishes sucked.

It’s like the entire universe was against me yesterday.

But today is Tuesday. Tuesday has got to be better than Monday. Right? Someone confirm with this data – charts and graphs are appreciated.

13 thoughts on “A case of the Mondays

  1. Tuesday is always better than Monday. Unless your me and you slept for crap last night and ignored your alarms because you feel exhausted. But thankfully I have a 3 day weekend on the horizon.

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