Easier to draw then it is to spell.

Okies, in light of yesterday’s kind of heavier topic, let’s have something just for fun today.

How do you pronounce the word:


Apparently, there is a major controversy over it, and I guess I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life.

If you have time, give this news article a read. It’s great! My favourite clip from it is, of course, the ever funny Ellen trying to pronounce it.

But then there is a mini-lesson at the end which schooled me on how I’m supposed to be speaking:

So, my friends from the internet and all over the world, how do you say it?

Saskatche-win? Saskatche-juan? Saskatche-wan?

I fall into the last category, so now I guess I need to start changing that wan into win?



20 thoughts on “Saskatchewan

  1. I have lived all over Canada and my parents went to grad school in the US and then I worked for an American company for 4 years where my cohorts were all from Illinois, and I have some opinionated across the pond people in my life so I babble in many many accents. Currently- Toronto doesn’t have the second t. Saskatchewan rhymes with pin. Progress and process both start rhyming with bra, not bro. Can’t and can rhyme with lawn. And roof rhymes with hoof, not scruff.

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    • In normal conversation this evening I actually had to say “Toronto” and I can confirm that I do in fact say the second T lol progress and process get both variations depending on the sentence I’m using them in lol


      • Yes progress and process moved to praw when I was working with people from Chicago constantly and they mocked me mercilessly, because they always knew who said that one thing in the conference call… lol. I used to say it two ways but not anymore. And… I’m just moving into the ‘Cawn’ and ‘cawn’t’ of Europe. Once you decide to change your pronunciations it’s pretty easy, and hilarious because I was in Costa Rica earlier this year and many people couldn’t peg where I was from at all.

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  2. I say Saskatche-wan. Even though I don’t think I’ve ever said it before. Just by looking at how the word is spelled, that’s how I’d say it.

    This reminds me of skits about how to say cities/towns in Massachusetts because a lot of them aren’t pronounced like they’re spelled. Like the city of Worcester is pronounced “wuus-ter” not “wor-chester”. Same thing with Amherst. It’s “Am-erst,” you don’t pronounce the “h”. We can tell if people aren’t from around here haha.

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    • Lol nice! Why can’t things just be spelled the way they are to be pronounced? The first time I ever saw the word vehicle, I had to read it and I pronounced the “h” and it was for a school presentation in like grade 5 or 6 and the class mocked me for weeks over it! #tramatized

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