Hockey Ticket Scandal

I don’t usually use space on this blog to write about hockey, except for the entire month of April last year (my A to Z Challenge), but today, I’ve not a little bit of something to say.

This morning I was going through CBC’s Twitter feed and I came across an article about how the Vegas Golden Knights have revoked the season’s tickets for a Calgary family.

Now, I had lots of questions:

  1. Why does a Calgary family need season’s tickets to the Vegas Golden Knights?
  2. What reasons did the team have for this?!
  3. Why does a Calgary family need season’s tickets to the Vegas Golden Knights?
  4. How much are season’s tickets for the NHL?
  5. How much are single tickets for the NHL?
  6. Why does a Calgary family need season’s tickets to the Vegas Golden Knights?!

I read the article and this is basically what has happened:

So this family in Calgary loves the Vegas Golden Knights. They have a property in Vegas so they decided to buy a season’s ticket membership for the team. Makes a little more sense. If they have a house down there, then they are probably there a lot.

The article says that the family went to 50% of the games last season, and sold the rest of the tickets on a ticket share program that the Vegas Golden Knights promote on their website.

So then why, if the family is using what the team suggests to sell unused tickets, did this happen?

Bottom line, the team is concerned about people buying season’s tickets and then selling them to make a profit. And, honestly, I’ve got to say that I agree with them. The whole reason you get a season’s membership is that you are going to be going to almost all the games and want to discount.

The lady from the article says that she’s done research and she thinks if you don’t have a Vegas or Nevada address, your tickets are going to be revoked. And that she knows of people from Ontario, Utah, and Florida, who have all had their season’s tickets revoked by the team. But I think it has to do with the number of tickets are you reselling.

In my opinion, what she needs to understand is that it’s a waste of those seats for someone out of state to hold them if they aren’t going to be going to the majority of the games. She states in the article she’s not less of a fan if she goes to 10 out of the 41 home games, and I’m not arguing with her on that point, but my point is that people are on waiting lists for season’s tickets and by buying a package of them and making maybe 50% of the games, you are wasting the membership.

The Vegas Golden Knights offer individual tickets, partial season’s memberships, and full season memberships. And they also offer a ticket exchange on their website! Like I’m not 100% sure what that means, but I have a feeling it’s probably something like “oh hey I have tickets for this game but I can’t make it, anyone have tickets for this date and want to do switchies with me?” Okies, so it’s the platform to resell tickets, but I think my idea of what it does is kind of a good one so I’m just gonna leave it there because I forced my editor to add “switchies” to my personal dictionary and I’m not going to waste that.

I selected a game for tonight, and the ticket prices are listed as starting at $85 and going all the way up to $395+ at $395+ for a ticket, I best be getting a private date with the hottest member of the team that ends with us getting married. The article said the family would resell their tickets for the suggested $80-120 depending on what other tickets were going for.

The price of the partial and full memberships are not listed, but another article states that it could cost up to double the price of a regular ticket once seats go into their Ticket Exchange. Which also makes sense – people are selling their own tickets, and naturally, want to make a little extra money off people who are looking last minute to get tickets.

So if you have 41 tickets for a season, and are only going to 20 games, think of the huge profit you are making by selling the rest of those tickets. I’m sorry but I honestly think that it’s totally fair that the tickets were revoked. Get a partial membership or just buy tickets in advance for the games you know you’ll be in town for.

Like the lady said, it doesn’t make her any less of a fan if she only goes to 10 out of the 41 games. However, it will make her a nice little profit.

What are your thoughts? Do you have more insight into this story than my limited research gave me? Am I completely wrong in my facts and thinking? Let me know in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Hockey Ticket Scandal

  1. I think that family is getting a raw deal. I have Season football tickets to my alma mater, and have since I was a student 30 years ago. If there’s a game I can’t make, i sell mine. Sometimes for a profit. If I’ve paid the school for my tix, they’re now mine to do with as I please.

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  2. I think in recent years teams have been trying to manipulate who comes to home games, as in they want people who will cheer for them, rather than have people be wishy-washy with their tickets and sell them off to an opposing fan. I think the Ottawa Senators do this by only making their tickets initially available to people on their mailing list when the schedule first comes out, as to avoid Leafs fans from scooping them up. Last season, my friend joined their mailing list just so we could get tickets, so there are ways around it.

    Back to Vegas – do they not have smaller ticket packages for 20 games? 10 games? 6 games? That’s the trend in sports right now. I feel like that would be more reasonable for the Calgary family, rather than buy a full season’s pass, unless they’re also in it for the additional perks to be a season ticket holding.

    Sorry, the sport management major side of me took over this comment lol

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    • Lol you let your inner sports manager out! And they have a “partial season” membership but I’m not sure what that entails. But I like the idea of having smaller packages! Such a great idea! And from the like 5 minutes I spent on the website, it seems like the Golden Knights did the same thing with the mailing list lol

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  3. In Winnipeg, there are thousands and thousands of people who do this with Vegas, Florida, and Phoenix. Although Calgary is not consistently as cold as Winnipeg, it tends to get FAR colder than a lot of the country, and so people will spend a lot of time going south in search of warmer weather. I think it is completely unfair to the family, as they clearly are going to quite a few games- 20 games is not slouching. I know people here in Winnipeg who live here, have season tickets, and sell over half of them! The address shouldn’t be the factor here. I also think that the fact that they were selling them through the program promoted BY THE TEAM makes it even worse. I would have nothing to do with Vegas if I were them

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    • I honestly don’t think it’s the address like she alludes to in the article. I think that she’s drawing a correlation to it because they are cracking down on people who are reselling a large portion of those tickets and those just happen to be the ones who are out of state and can’t get to as many games. Maybe the team started up the resale program to track it? I do find it very weird that I couldn’t just purchase a ticket for the game unless I was in the resale platform….maybe it’s cos it was all sold out (it was for last nights game)? I’m not sure but it was still a little fishy for me.


      • I think that all major league sports teams have had them for years- I was using them back in 2011, so I can’t believe that they’ve just “discovered” it now. I think that it does force you to the resale site if it is sold out- also, teams tend to make money off of those resold tickets, too. (You pay the admin fees and whatnot again, not just the ticket) I think that resale is common everywhere- tickets, clothing, books, housewares, you name it. That is the reality of our society where people build entire careers off of reselling things! (Not saying I personally do it, but that is reality)

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        • I’ve actually never been to an NHL game, I love the sport but find it hard to really grasp onto a team to focus all my attention on. I used to go to tons of OHL games when I was in high school but that’s a whole different level and the way they sold tickets was totally different. So this resale thing was a totally new concept for me. I like it! But it’s totally new lol. And I can only imagine how much money the team is making off of the resale site – it’s such a smart thing to do, both for the team and for the security of those trying to resell their tickets.


  4. It all comes down to: it’s the nature of the beast. If the team believes they are missing out on profit from ticket sales, then increase your ticket prices. Even if they sell their tickets at a higher price, they will most likely be sold (again) at an even higher price. No one will be able to stop resales of tickets; it happens all over the world for all kinds of events. They’re just being petty in my opinion. The team made their money off the family from Canada; their just making a fuss that they didn’t get a cut of what the family made.

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  5. Okay. I get it. But also then that should go for people who buy concert tickets and then sell them as well. I don’t mean scalpers either. It happens!

    My boss currently buys season tickets for our team (GO PREDS!) and he lets us go to the games! But we don’t have to pay for them. I took my girlfriends with me to the Kings game this year and it was so much fun.

    But I would probably do the same thing as them. But I’d sell them for the price of what the ticket would have cost me out of the season ticket pass price. But that’s just me.

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  6. When we went to football games, people did this all the time. They’d purchase season tickets for multiple seats, sell off two of the home games at insanely high prices, and use that money to go to the rest of the games for free (including parking). The university doesn’t care, though, so now prices are sky high and the stadium has lots of empties.

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    • I can understand that this family probably wasn’t doing it for personal gain, but I also can see the view point of the team. It’s sad that people have to be such horrible things and take advantage of the system and ruin it for people who may just be doing it out of need instead of trying to profit.


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