The Non-Sting of Rejection

It’s official – my book has been read and is not being picked up.

Ps: before we go any further, can we talk about how WordPress has changed its blue buttons and words on the sidebar to pink?! Like when you put your mouse of the “categories & tags” drop-down menu, the words turn pink! Can I express how much I am loving that right now?! Not really but I’m sure you’re all imagining a high pitched squeal, which would be accurate!

excited anna kendrick GIF

Okies, back to the post at hand! I woke up this morning to this email:


And ya know what? I’m not even upset. Like maybe 5%, 10% tops! About an hour after I submitted it, I knew I shouldn’t have been so hasty. It needs a different title, and to be written better, and there needs to be more details added in, and more of a connection to the main character. Even for an illustrated children’s book, there needs to be more. And now I have that chance!

I will definitely be working on it, and reworking it, and submitting it again. Maybe to a different agency, somewhere in Canada would be a good choice haha!

But today there is no sadness over that email, just pride that I actually took the leap of faith on myself to submit something that’s been sitting in a notebook for over three years waiting to have the next step taken.

On to the next!

19 thoughts on “The Non-Sting of Rejection

  1. At least you got to the point of submission!! I’ve had a book company telling me to write a book and they are interested in my story and I still haven’t been up to the task. Way to daunting.
    Way to go on finishing a book!!! Wow!!!

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  2. You have a great attitude. Any times, fear and doubt stop me from even trying. How do you do it? Asking for a friend. Just kidding, really…I need to take notes. Congrats on trying something new !

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    • Lol! Gretchen, stepping out into something new is always scary!! I sometimes get a very sharp sting to be impulsive. And when I was on Twitter on Friday, I saw a Tweet from the person I submitted to and she said she was accepting new authors and children’s books didn’t need to come with illustrations. So my impulsive side kicked in and now here we are lol but I was still doubtful and had the idea that they wouldn’t take it. My impulsivity just won out this time lol. Sometimes it gets me into trouble (or new tattoos haha!!) But this time it was for a good cause. And now that I’ve gotten over that “first submission shyness” I can rework my book and try again!

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  3. The point is that you took the plunge! You did it! And I’m so happy for you even though rejection happened! It’s a leap of faith!

    And yeah, I was writing my post the other night and it randomly changed. I kind of like it!

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