I did a thing!!

What follows might annoy some people, there will be a lot of gifs. Mainly because I only had like one sentence to tell you, but would I even be me if that was all I posted?

No. The answer is no.

Okies, so Saturday ended kind of like this:

angry melissa mccarthy GIF

Minus the swears of course. We all know that is most definitely not me. I got home from work and was watching some Dawson’s Creek (I’m not ashamed! It’s on the CTV website in their throwback section so obviously I have spent the last month binging every single episode and finished the series last night) and then the internet went out. It was uber frustrating, but an easy fix. I just got up, flicked the router off, waited a minute and then turned it back on again. As it was booting up I saw a blue screen on my laptop. I ALMOST DIED!

art school animation GIF by Sarah Schmidt

It just said something about a crash dump. But my laptop rebooted itself and then it seemed fine. Watching another episode and it happened AGAIN! I managed to get a picture of the screen before my laptop shut down and I sent it to my brother via text. He said it could just be that one of the drivers on my laptop is messing up. I just installed a new printer so he thought that was causing the problems. And the printer has decided to be a wifi spot so it all made sense.

The next day, I uninstalled all HP things on my laptop (I had drivers for like 3 different printers haha) and there hasn’t been a problem since.

This was all in the build-up to Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Sunday was my day!

Saturday, while on Twitter, one of the people I followed retweeted a literary agent who was accepting new manuscripts – and she works specifically in children’s books and YA.

Just like I wanted to do in my proclamations for 2019!

And I actually did the thing!!

my work is done GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

I submitted one of my finished stories!

neil patrick harris good job GIF by bubly

Even wanted to get started on editing one of the other stories that is half-finished but I’m going to re-write because it’s all wrong (I didn’t because I got distracted by Dawson’s Creek but still, the idea was there) – My brain was all:

excited new girl GIF

But now, this morning, I am rethinking what I sent and have like a thousand ways to actually make it better, and now I feel like this:

lisa simpson writing GIF

BUT I actually did it! I am really proud of myself. They didn’t need illustrations attached, which was the main thing holding me back from submitting it three years ago when I finished my first draft of the little story.

Anyway, I know a lot of my blogging friends are also writers, so just so you know, AM Heath is accepting new pieces. The twitter feed that I was reading said they will consider international authors (they are located in London) which is why I submitted.

So basically all I wanted to do was let you all know I have submitted something. A simple sentence stretched out into 518 words. You’re welcome!


32 thoughts on “I did a thing!!

  1. That’s uncanny because I reached out to a publisher myself over the weekend and actually just got off the phone with a rep from the company!! Yay! But you’re one step ahead because you have something written; I only have my blog. At this point I’m just tinkering with the idea of writing a memoir, but my thought is: I’m a no body. Who would want to read a memoir about me?

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  2. Writing is the same as being an artist, we never think our work is truly done. One thing I have learned (and am still learning) is that sometimes you just have to let it be. If you don’t you could be working on the same piece forever without any relief of finishing. Get to a stop you are happy with in your story and submit it. After some time, and some help with an editor I’m sure you will feel better about your finished product. I hope this encouraging even when I know it doesn’t feel all that positive. Keep up your 2019 goals! #proud

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    • It’ll be about 6 weeks I think before I hear anything back but I will definitely post if/when I hear anything. And I already have a few ways to make the story better haha!! Now I’m wanting to actually work on my other ideas.

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