Saturday with my guy

Don’t get all excited – it’s about one of my kidlets 😉

I didn’t want to tease you all over that line. I know I do it sometimes, but not today.

Yesterday, Saturday, I walked into work as all three of my girls and their mom were leaving the house. All four of them had a hair appointment. Which meant that it was just me and 3rd at home all day. I told the mom he could invite a friend over and have a play day, but she decided he needed a quiet day at home which was nice for me too because 11-year-old boys are loud sometimes.

So the girls all leave and then it’s just me and him. He got a 2DS for Christmas and is nose deep in it. I relay the instructions from his mom about the things he needs to do and he says no to them all. But I have my nanny/former teacher ways. I told him he had until 11:30 and then he was going to have a 30-minute technology break (it was 9:45, he didn’t protest).

So I set out to get cleaning done and he’s still sitting there. About 30-minutes later we hear the front door open and it’s his mom. She wasn’t going to have her hair started until at least 12 so she came home to get some work done. She asked that I didn’t let him stay on his technology all day, and I promised he had a warning and we had a plan all set out.

Once I was done the dishes, I grabbed three backpacks and started to clean. I left his on the counter (it was his job to clean it out) and said I would do it with him and he gets all “Oh no! This is my backpack I can do it myself!” hehe nanny-mind trick and he stopped playing and cleaned his backpack. I just organized the books inside so it closed better but he did a decent job.

His technology break came and I told him that before he got back on technology he had to do four tasks. It should have only taken him about 30-40 minutes to get them all done. He started by stalling and laying around on the dogs (like literally on top of them) then he joined me for lunch and we had a nice little lunch date. We talked, he told jokes, and almost fell off his chair because he was laughing so hard in the middle of his jokes.

One of his tasks was to get dressed, and he did that without me asking but then came the other three. He had to tidy the top of his dresser/desk, read, and walk the dogs. I would go with him for the walk because he can’t control both dogs by himself (I can’t control both of the dogs by myself!) So he keeps telling me jokes and asking me random questions as I clean up after lunch and I’m finally ready to move onto a different task. I told him I’d help with his room so off we went. He had already made his bed (with the blanket I made for him right on top!!) so it was going to be a quick clean.

It took about three times as long as it should have because he was showing me these lazer things he got for Christmas and we were shooting each other with them like an indoor-at home-lazer tag (OMG YOU GUYS THEY ARE SO COOL). Since we were already in his room, I set a timer on my phone and had him read one of the new books he was showing me that he got for Christmas. Nanny-mind tricked again!

Then it was the dogs. I said we could take the short way for the walk, but once we got to the point where we would return for the short way, he decided to go the long way. The whole time chatting away. He even made sure I was walking on the inside of the sidewalk for most of it and him on the outside (because he’s a gentleman).

We got home and he was pretty tuckered out and said he had a headache (all that giggling will do that) and he went to lay down. My “30-minute technology break” had turned into just over 2 hours.

I got the rest of my work done and still had 30-minutes to chill and watch Spongebob with my little man. His mom texted and said to take him to his dad (who works in the same house that I live in) so we packed up, and off we went.

I loved my day at home with him. After the initial “I’m not doing anything!” attitude he calmed down and was great. He was polite and insane and funny. I thanked him for being so cooperative and he said: “you’re welcome”. I hardly ever get to spend any time with just me and him so days like yesterday are precious. I love seeing how he’s growing up and turning into a pretty great individual.

4 thoughts on “Saturday with my guy

    • LOL nopes – no new guy as of yet. I needed to repair my heart in October after I shattered it into a thousand pieces and then I went out a few times in November but I guess I wasn’t really ready for it and he quickly turned into a “nope” and then I took December off from all things boys. I’m at a place where I’m ready to start dating again though.

      Happy New Year to you as well! Welcome back to the blogging world!

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