Saturday Questions 18

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Today’s question asks for something that I’m excited about.

But let me kind of fill you in on something: I’ve been in a mood since Thursday afternoon. I’m not sure what kind of mood – but it’s just a mood. It was gone for most of yesterday but then it came back mid-afternoon again and I had a weird restless sleep and I can’t remember any of my weird dreams (which literally never happens!) so now I’m back in a mood.

If you would have asked me last Wednesday morning what I was excited about, it was going back to work and seeing my kidlets. But after being greeted with “oh right she’s back today” from the youngest, and two days of over tired and over bored and over technologied (yes it’s a word cos I said so) children and the both of the other two workers not being there, that vanished really quickly.

If you would have asked me yesterday what I was excited about, I would have said using my Instant Pot for the first time. I did the water test and made dinner in it without it exploding or killing me. I’m pretty impressed!

If you would have asked me on Tuesday what I was excited about, it would have been that I had reached out to that person I was talking about a few posts ago. The one where I didn’t like how we ended things and I wanted to see if we could set things straight and possibly reconnect our friendship. Because this other person was very enthusiastic about getting coffee and meeting up again (like literally 10 minutes after we started talking again it was “are you free for coffee today?” I wasn’t cos I wasn’t in Toronto). We made non-specific plans to meet up this weekend but I haven’t heard a single word from them since NYE. And I’m not opposed to reaching out and being all “hey are you still wanting to meet up?” but after 4 unanswered texts over the span of a week, a girl’s got to save the last shred of her dignity and just vent to her best friend about how this person obviously hasn’t changed one single bit and how stupid I feel right now that I actually got my hopes up and thought they would actually not stand me up like is their pattern.

And right now, this is about as excited for next week’s question as I’m going to get.

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So what am I currently excited for? Hopefully a quiet Saturday at work (I’ll only have one kidlet home instead of 4, and he should have a friend over so they can entertain themselves while I clean) and then for this weekend, and this mood, to be over.

What are you excited for today?

If you want to know how this all started, or want to participate, or just see the questions, click on this post

17 thoughts on “Saturday Questions 18

  1. I am excited for bills that are paid and for a relatively low key weekend. Monday the kids go back to school and I go back to that #SHIPTlife. Also, the hubs and I have TV plans tonight to watch Surviving R. Kelly. Happy Weekend to you!

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  2. I don’t really get excited. When I do get excited, it’s pretty subdued. My “excited” looks a lot like most people’s “meh…”

    But now that I think about it, I was actually pretty excited yesterday. I had to get a new pair of jeans because that one pair that I wear far too often is beginning to show the signs of being worn far too often. So I traveled to the local Old Navy, because I know exactly what size and style of their jeans fits me the way I like. And while I was there, I talked myself into buying two things I really don’t need, but knew I would want in case I ever want to dress up as Marty McFly for Halloween. They had the puffy red vest and a jean jacket on sale. Now I just need some high top sneakers, a calculator watch, and a DeLorean and I’m all set.

    Oh, and then I decided to wander next door to Best Buy, just to look around. Thought I might price laptops because the one I’m currently writing this comment on is getting pretty old and may need to be replaced sooner than later. And then I looked over in the video game section and noticed that they had the NES Classic Edition in stock! I’d given up hope of ever finding one of these things. I probably didn’t need to spend money on something like that, but I couldn’t pass it up, seeing it there in person. And then I spent the majority of my evening reliving my childhood and the classic Nintendo games that I used to play with my cousin. Good times…

    I guess I do get excited sometimes 🙂

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    • Awesome! I wanted to get my brother the NES classic when it first came out. Maybe I’ll search it out for him for next Christmas lol his birthday is in a week so We’ve already celebrated. Made him a two tiered cake and everything! With the pans he got me for Christmas (which I didn’t even have unwrapped fully before he demanded I bake him a cake lol well played brother…well played!)

      I love finding random things like that while I’m shopping but I also hate going shopping. It’s hilarious that you’re planning for Halloween already! I never plan for it! I’m not a dress up type of person. Unless it’s my hippo onesie and then I’m all for it

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      • I wouldn’t say I’m planning for Halloween per se… I’ve just always wanted to, at some point, dress up as Marty McFly, because Back to the Future is my favorite movie. And finding the vest and the jacket at the same place at the same time seemed to serendipitous to pass up. I hate shopping, too… I’ve been putting off getting jeans for weeks because I’ve been on break and haven’t needed to get dressed for work. If I’d gone two or three weeks ago, the vest and jacket may not have been on sale or even in the store at all. See, serendipity.

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  3. I’m a school counselor, and we go back to school on Monday, so this is my last weekend of Christmas break. Also, I work a 2nd job at a department store, and I work today. I’m 50 years old, and most of my coworkers there are in college, so I enjoy being around the kids. I chuckle at their conversations and their general outlook on life.

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    • I love being around the kids too. It’s just me and the boy I nanny today and we’re having a pretty good time together so far. Very low key day for him. My job over the summer, a 3-year-old was the best! He was so inventive and had the best imagination

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