Sharing Is Caring

I have something important to say, so sit down, be quiet, and eyes forward!

That was a little aggressive, I admit, but I’m not going to change it. Sorries. Sometimes the teacher in me just comes out too much.

So here’s the thing – Paul over at The Captain’s Speech is having a share your blog. I normally don’t do these things, but Paul says that for the first 90 days of a new year no one is allowed to let you down, which means we can’t let him down, which also means I had to participate.

Basically, he just wants you all to meet more excellent bloggers. I say more because he is one of them. And if you don’t know him/his blog yet, then what are you really doing with your life? It’s 2019 peeps! It’s time to start making some good life choices, and the first one that you should make is to go over and follow Paul’s blog if you haven’t already. If you already have, then skip to step number two which is to participate in his Share Your Blog.

It’s easy, he outlines all the steps right there for you.

And if like me, you had a topic to blog about but didn’t really want to take the time to write about it today, now you have a nice little blog post as you promote his blog on your blog. See? Paul is really helping you out here today. New friends, a new post – it’s a gift really.

The only question that still remains is why on earth are you still reading my blog when his blog is waiting with lots of other blog links to check out?

6 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring

  1. Wow, it’s my own post you’re hyping up and yet I was getting so excited to go over to my own blog and participate! Thank you for doing! Also, I made sure to straighten up and have my eyes forward as I was reading this. Sometimes you need to startle your readers right out of the gate in order for them to listen lol

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