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I’m still at my parents’ house until Tuesday morning and I’m starting to get super bored. For the first time in a week, I took my laptop up to my bedroom and just kind of hid away for the afternoon/evening yesterday. I made a commitment to myself to be more present and I’ve tried to at least stay on the same floor as everyone else over this break.

But yesterday I needed some separation. I stayed in my room from like 3pm on and it was a nice relaxing time. And I got sucked into Buzzfeed. I love Buzzfeed quizzes, and I focused on the ones that were going to make predictions for 2019 and I thought I would share some of them with you.

This all started because a few days ago, a Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, released their horoscopes for 2019. Now, I usually don’t get into that sort of thing, but I was curious as to what they predicted for my year (not saying I believe it, but it’s always interesting to read) and here is what they said about me:

So that all seems super positive! And it does sound exactly like how my year is always structured: I get super motivated until the middle of February/beginning of March and then again in the summer. I’m looking forward to staying in my regular patterns haha.

Now onto Buzzfeed!! I love these quizzes and had to stop after my phone battery almost died. Please note, all the links below will open in a new tab/window. 

The first quiz I took, I had to do it twice because I took a screen grab of the end result but didn’t copy the link for the quiz which is offered at the end when you’re on your phone. You pick a song from each category and they reveal something good that will happen. Ugh – I don’t know why my phone does this but it only uploaded one of the two. The first time I did the quiz, I was told that I will find love. Then, I did it again (thinking I clicked all the same songs, but I got this answer instead:


Which is actually kind of amazing, because on Christmas day (three days before I took this quiz), I reached out to someone who I haven’t spoken to since August because I wasn’t happy with how we ended things/stopped talking and we were both hurt and disappointed and we just blocked each other and stopped talking and I was never happy with how that all went down. We talked for most of the 26th so maybe we are on the path to be friends again?

Moving on, I got a little bit of a conflicting result because you choose some food and it will tell you if you’ll find love in 2019 or later on:


Now I’m confused. Will I find love in 2019 like the first said, or in 2022? haha! Ooo Buzzfeed – you always make life so entertaining!

Don’t worry guys, this isn’t over! I have lots more quizzes to share with you!

Apparently, selecting some Mexican food will tell you what your love life will be like as well.


Buzzfeed –  I know who you are talking about, and I already did it. You’re a few months late.

Tell them how your year went and you’ll get something to do before the end of 2018.


I did this! By reaching out to that broken relationship person. So check! Done!

You can throw a NYE party and you’re 2019 love life will be revealed.

IMG_1370.pngI’m down for getting really rich!

Make your own celebrity couples and you’ll find out how many relationships you’ll have in 2019 (I know, there’s a lot of love/romance ones).


I have to admit, I didn’t know who like 70% of the options where so this probably isn’t very accurate (as if any of the other ones are…)

Choose between 2 different foods, 10 times over, and you’ll find out your relationship status:


And lastly, just an overall fortune for 2019:



A pretty promising one! And look – one of the lucky numbers is my actual birth date (the 15th) so obviously, this one has to be accurate hehe.

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon to learn all about what 2019 holds in store for me. Don’t worry, I don’t actually believe any of this, but a few things were right on with what has already happened in my life so that was kind of neat. Way to go Buzzfeed.

Will you take one (or more) of the quizzes? They only take like 2 minutes each. If you do, I’d love to hear what results you were given!

6 thoughts on “2019 Predictions

  1. So I took the quizzes…

    Pick a song: You will find love
    Food quiz: 2019 will be the year I find love
    Mexican food: You’ll cut ties with someone who wasn’t good for you
    Final thing: Tell your crush you like them
    Throw a NYE party: You will find love in 2019
    Fake celeb couples: 1 relationship next year
    Pick 10 foods: You will meet your significant other
    2019 fortune: Fortune of friendship

    So the overarching theme appears that I’m going to find love and be in a relationship next year… let’s hope that just falls into my lap because I won’t be actively looking for it.

    This was fun! My roommate and I used to do to Buzzfeed quizzes all the time in college and compare answers.

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