Present Time! Present Time!

Open your present and see what’s inside!

That’s a little song that my kidlets sing every time someone has a present to open. It’s super cute. Unless you have more than one thing to unwrap and then it gets a little bit annoying, but that’s not the point here.

Yesterday was my last day at work until after New Years. If you aren’t new here, you’ll remember that I’ve spent the better part of the last year making blankets for my kidlets. They turned out really awesome! If you want to see them, look here. It’s only the link to the last blanket, but it has links to the other 3.

So I put them all into gift bags and took them over to the main house yesterday. I told the two youngest that when we got back I wanted them into the living room so we could do presents together. 3rd decided to be all “we know, we know, its secret santa….ggaaaaahhh” at me and I was already at my limits with him haha. But after I told him it had NOTHING to do with Secret Santa (once he stopped whining that is) and that if he would prefer I could just take his gift back home with me, he calmed right now. I’ve got no time for his nonsense some days. 

So we get back, and I call the two older ones, but then the mom asks for me to wait since the kids had something for me too! I wasn’t expecting that! We finally got all settled and all four kids got their bags. They were to open them all at the same time because “you all have the same thing, but different. So it wouldn’t be as fun if it was one at a time.”

There were ooooooo’s and aaaahhhh’s as the bags ripped open. 4th was the inspiration for this gift and she FLIPPED out. She has been bugging me since last Christmas for a blanket and she did this weird shriek/cackle thing, fell over and continued the weird noise laying on the top of a coffee table she was sitting on, and then wore her’s around like a cape for a little bit. The mom had me take pictures with all the kids and their blankets, and she said she’d send them to me so I can’t wait to see them!

The best thing was that, later that night, I was doing some work upstairs, and 1st actually already had hers spread out on her bed! I pointed out which squares on her blanket had dragons on them, and that I hoped with more washes the pattern would show up a little better (because it’s really hard to see right now). But then she had quietly taken her blanket up to her room and laid it all out so she could sleep with it right away. You have no idea how my heart felt when I saw that. We aren’t really that close and it’s hard to find common ground with her to bond over. But seeing that, it was amazing.



After we all got pictures together, the kids gave me the gift they had picked out!


Isn’t it cute?! We all know how much I love hippos, so this is a hippo piggy bank! After the holidays, we are all going to go to some store where they bought it. At the store, I’m going to get to paint it, and then they fire it right there and then I’ll have a piggy bank! HOW COOL IS THAT?! So not only do I get another adorable hippo thing, but I get to have a fun night out with my kids! I’m so happy. I love gifts that make you spend time with other people. It’s all about the memories!

Now, as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the evening, we also had the secret Santa exchange. The kid’s mom had to leave to pick up her sister from the airport and said to start without them, which caused a riot with 3rd (remember how he was already sassing right after school? That got worse). Half the students decided to not come or leave right after they opened their presents, 2nd came downstairs long enough to put her gift on the table and then take it away again and then she disappeared. The students were who there, opened their gifts and then just sat on their phones. And I was left in charge. I hated every single minute of it. 3rd was going on a power trip, handing out gifts and being so completely obnoxious, and I told my boss when she got home to please never do that to me again. Although, since she wasn’t there, we didn’t have to sing the present time song for every gift.

Don’t get me wrong: I kind of like how they do secret Santa with all the students. It’s not how I have ever done it before. You get your name and do a gift like normal. But you don’t write your name on the card. You open your gift, and you have two chances to guess who gave it to you. That’s cool. Now, this is where it gets crazy: if you guess wrong, you just don’t get to find out. The next person gets their gift. I would have it so that if you guessed wrong, then the person right away gets to reveal themselves. Cos then after everyone is done, you guess and guess and guess until you finally figure it out. It’s so long and drawn out. Since my boss wasn’t there, I just did “ok, everyone says who you bought for” at the end because I was reaching the limit of my holiday grace at that point.

But overall, everyone was happy with their gifts and it was a fun time. We even got to decorate cookies that looked like ugly sweaters, and when I left the kids were still up and bedtime was nowhere in site. So I’m glad that it ended so well. Even if the middle was a little bit on the aggravating side.

2 thoughts on “Present Time! Present Time!

    • It was so cute!! I’m probably going to go traditional, light grey or maybe a pale purple. 3rd had friends over a few weeks ago and they all did ornaments and after they were fired and glazed the paint colours looked sooo different! So I’ll have to keep that in mind when I paint it.

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