Health Care

This morning has been a rough one.

I had to deal with the one student who doesn’t ever get up for school. I’ve started waking her up but she still has this thing about never leaving on time – no matter how many times I go down to her door and knock. Then I got a text from my dad that my cousin who was in a coma passed this morning and that details on the services will follow when they are arranged.

Aside from the moment of grief that I felt, my mind had already come to accept the inevitable. He had been in a coma for over two months, showing no signs of improvement past fluttering eyelids. And after a while, the daily updates from the hospital stopped coming. So while it is a sad thing that has happened, I’m not really all that sad. I was able to see him when he was in Toronto for a surgery, which was great, so I feel like my heart has made peace with his passing.

What I started to actually think about, was how lucky his family is to be living in Canada.

He just spent over two months in a hospital, countless tests and procedures, a few surgeries, specialists, etc. And at the end of it all, his wife has no hospital bill to cover.

How absolutely amazing is that?!

She can grieve over the loss of her husband and the meaning of that for her life, and the lives of her kids and his kids, and the home and family they built together. She can focus on the magnitude of what that means to have happened a week before Christmas. She can put her effort into being comforted by, and comforting, his parents and siblings. She can use all her energy on what is the most important right now.

And when it’s all over, she doesn’t have the stress of having to pay what I could only imagine would be close to a million dollar bill or more in a different country. I don’t have the knowledge to comment on a lot of other country’s health care systems, but I can’t imagine how much stress she would have been under if they had lived just a few hours south of their home in the USA.

Today, instead of focusing on the sadness of losing a loved one, I’m going to choose to focus on how utterly blessed we are.

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