Nail Art Sunday: Christmas Week 5

One more week! Can you believe it?!

Listen up! I’m going to be real with you – this week sucked. Like I love the design and it was fun to do, but the end result sucks.

The inspiration for this week came from AJ, go check out her blog. It’s much more interesting than what is going to follow.

She wanted to see Santa faces. And the inspiration picture is adorable!


When I started this week, I was all “dude I can totally do this! No problems” and then there were problems.

Ya see, what happened was, I made all the mistakes. I didn’t let the polish really dry before moving on to the next step, that caused it to smudge. And then I tried to fix the smudgies which caused even more smudgies! I didn’t have a steady hand, I decided that the next step would just cover the HUGE wavy lines when really it can only hide small ones.

Classic rookie mistake. Learn from me! Take your time. Don’t sing and dance in your chair to Christmas music. Focus up, T! Pull yourself together!

Now that I’ve finished scolding myself, here’s the video, coming in at just under 25 minutes.

And then here is the best picture I could get for Instagram because they turned out all smudgie and sad.


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