Saturday Questions #15

Hehe – question number 15 ON December 15th? What a lovely way to start the day!

So this week on Saturday Questions, I was asked to share what I’m wearing. That’s simple! It’s 8am and I just got up at 7:30, so I’m still in my pjs. A simple pink t-shirt, and some fuzzy pink pants with sheep on them. It’s a little chilly in my apartment this morning so I’m wearing slippers too.


I’m in the middle of my morning “coffee and breakfast and blogging” routine before work, so I have no idea what I’m going to be wearing later today. It’s not too cold so I have lots of options. And the kidlets that I nanny have tutoring so I’m either going to be spending 2ish hours in a library or the whole day running around the house doing my other stuff so it doesn’t have to be fancy either.

What’s your outfit of the day today?

If you want to check out previous questions, or see what ones are coming up, or just read my post on why I’m doing these Saturday Questions, feel free to check out this post

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