Complete Betrayal

For the last 48-hours, I have been living in a sense of utter betrayal, and I just now have the courage to speak up.

Ok, so let’s go back to Wednesday when this all started. It seemed like a good enough day. The one student who always decides that she needs to sleep in and not go to school was still sleeping in and not getting ready, but I’ve made my peace with that. I knocked a few times and got a few sleepy responses but I had things to do. I left to walk over to my employer’s house to grab a van to go grocery shopping for breakfast supplies. It’s what I do every Wednesday. I do my own shopping too and kind of take the whole time to do the trip and minus a little bit because of my own errands and mark that amount of time to add to my total hours for the week.

So I get to the little plaza where I do my shopping. There’s a Shoppers, a Dollarama, and a Food Basics that I normally always go to when I do a shopping trip. First stop for Wednesday: Shoppers. That stop was only for me.

I walk in and I’m greeted by the lovely cosmetician there. She is literally the cutest and is so helpful! I needed some cuticle oil and mascara. I head straight for the makeup section and right to where my mascara always is. I’ve been using the same one for like 10 years or something. I LOVE it. I don’t wear makeup all the often, and am loving the fact that I can rock my white eyelashes on the daily now without feeling self-conscious, but if I have a date or I’m going to church or something special, I like to cover those pale babes with a coat of blackness to make them pop.

Image result for rimmel extra super lash

This is what I use. I LOVE IT! Like I can’t even explain. It’s perfection! It doesn’t clump, it dries quickly (I put it on then brush my teeth so it has time to dry before I do other makeup or put on my glasses. No one likes mascara streaks on their glasses!), it goes on smooth, it’s not waterproof so it comes off easily. Like I have no complaints. Obviously, since it’s been the only thing that has touched my eyelashes in, like I said, 10-ish years.

This is where the betrayal happens. Hold onto your pearls ladies (and any gentleman who has a pearl necklace on that can clutch it right at this moment) because it’s about to get rough.

I walk to the Rimmel section, my eyes go all the way to the bottom and the space where my beloved is supposed to be is EMPTY! Not just empty, but there is a tag saying clearout.


Anyone who buys makeup knows that horrible sign. It means there are no more. It’s not coming back. I ask the best cosmetician ever if they have any in the back, and she scans the tag and says, “No, I’m sorry. And this tag is bad news,”

Bad. News.

It’s gone.


I just stood there in complete disbelief. What was I going to do?! I still had a little left in the one that I had at home, it wasn’t completely empty yet, but eventually, it would run out. But I’ve been using it for a few months and it needed to be thrown out (eye health first peeps and meeps).

I could have gone to a different store or waited until today when I would be right across from a Wal-Mart when I go to the movies later this afternoon, and they probably would have had at least one tube. But what happens in a few months when I need to change it out again?

I tried to accept my fate and the cosmetician helped me pick out a different brand. I told her all the things I loved about my regular one and she offered a few suggestions and let me pick. I settled on this one:

Image result for maybelline mascara

I tried it this morning. The applicator stabbed me in the eye and made it water for a solid 5 minutes. Thanks a lot, applicator. 

It looks nice and defines my lashes well. It doesn’t clump, and it dried really quickly. We’ll see how it goes for the rest of the day and how easy it is to take off tonight.

So. Betrayed. 

14 thoughts on “Complete Betrayal

  1. They stopped making my favourite mascara a couple months ago too… It was called ‘Doll’d Up’ and it was perfection. I use a Bourjois one now… It’s very good, just not the same. You’ve got all my sympathy!

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