The Christmas Tag

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Tag! You’re it!

Sometimes, these awards/tags feel a little bit like that gif up there, but this one is fun!! And it’s Christmasy and I love anything and everything to do with Christmas and OMG we’re less than two weeks away so MORE CHRISTMAS THINGS!

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Hehe! Ok, I’m done now. I apologize for my overuse of gifs lately. Not really cos I love them, but I know a lot of people don’t so, yeah, I guess I’m sorry.

Becky, over at Strikeouts and Sprinkles has tagged me in this fun Christmas chain-letter type thingy and I’m gonna do all the steps. That’s right peeps and meeps all the steps! When was the last time I did that?! I surely can’t remember. Probably like a year ago or something. I’m a rule breaker.

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link their blog to your post. Thanks, Becky! I’m super excited to do this!! 

2. List the rules in the post. What does this look like? See all the pretty rules?! 

3. Answer all the questions asked by the blogger. Totally gonna rock it! Prepare yourselves to read some awesome things! 

4. Nominate some other bloggers and provide them with 12 new questions! Prepare yourselves to answer some awesome things! 

Becky’s Ponderings (with American spelling left and everything!)

  1. Thoughts on Christmas lights staying up all year round? No way! I like to keep holidays and special occasions separated into designated time slots haha. So Christmas lights and decorations are limited to November 12th-December 31st. It’s a new year, don’t bring anything from 2018 into 2019. That includes Christmas lights. 
  2. When do you start listening to Christmas music? November 12th! 
  3. When is too early to start listening to/playing Christmas music? I think you might have guessed this one, anytime before November 12th haha. And let me tell you why, because I get a lot of questions about this considering how much I love Christmas. A lot of people think that I’m a “November 1st is Christmas season” type of girl, but I’m not. I was raised to have the utmost respect for military personnel and their job and sacrifices. And Remembrance Day is on November 11th – a day to honour those men and women and their sacrifices. I keep all my Christmasness inside until after as a way to show that respect. So November 12th is an ok time to start. 
  4. How do you do your Christmas shopping—in the stores/online/combination? The last couple of years, I’ve done almost all my shopping online. It started with my first contract in Korea, I was over there for Christmas so I ordered from Canadian websites and had it shipped to my parent’s house and then my dad or mom would wrap the gifts I had sent and put them under the tree for me. It’s just so much easier to do it that way. But this year, we’ve been in the middle of a postal strike (which is over now). I still have done a little bit of online shopping, but super early because all the packages were around a week late being delivered. I just have a few more things to pick up and those will be done in store. 
  5. What’s your favorite family tradition around this time of year? We don’t really have a lot of family traditions for Christmas. My brother and I always go to our parents’ house for a week, but that’s about it. Once we are there it’s basically just a week of everyone on their own technology and not really doing much. This year I hope to get through editing all the pictures that I have left to be edited, and set up my planner for 2019. My brother and I used to watch White Christmas every year but that doesn’t happen anymore. I’ve tried to start family game nights and my brother wants to do more family activities, so we’re trying to get that started. Maybe it will become a tradition in the future? 
  6. Real or fake tree? I could go either way. I have a small fake tree for my little apartment, it’s only like three feet tall or something. It’s super cute. Growing up we always had a fake tree, then for a few years in my late 20’s we had a real one, but my parents are back to fake now. I think it’s just easier haha and who wants to be cleaning up all the sap and needles after? Not me! 
  7. Favorite Christmas song? All I want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey!! OMG YAAAASSSSSSSS 
  8. Favorite Christmas movie? White Christmas – same enthusiasm as question 7 haha 
  9. What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? I think I’ve been pretty lucky that I haven’t ever gotten like really horrible gifts. I am pretty good at making air-tight lists haha Like one year all I wanted was an iPod so I had a full page typed up of different options and styles and designs of an iPod but all that was on the list was an iPod lol and I got one! hehe  Although, one year I had redecorated my room and I wanted a few things for it and some guitar supplies because I had just bought myself my first (and only) guitar. I ended up taking back everything my parents got me and exchanging it – the lamp was something my mom loved but it was so old lady, the guitar case was cloth and I wanted a hard case, the strap was this punkish pink/black checkered like Avril Lavigne would have and I wanted a classic leather strap. It was what I had asked for, just not my style at all. 
  10. Who is the toughest person you have to buy for this Christmas? I don’t really buy a lot of gifts, only my family and my kidlets, but probably my brother. He’s not really into gifts and his birthday is two weeks after the holidays so I always get two gifts and send one home with him so I don’t miss his birthday. 
  11. Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph? OMG Becky!! How can I choose?! I love both films but if we’re talking songs, then definitely Frosty. 
  12. Do you have to attend any Christmas/holiday parties this season? I’m lucky that I don’t have to! I’m not really one for parties anyways. Since my work is a nanny job, there isn’t like a big company party. We are doing a secret Santa exchange on Tuesday but that’s about it. 

I would like to tag Angela, Trula Marie, Bex, AJ, G, Britchy, Sam, and Becky I’d love to read your answers too but you don’t have to do the whole thing over again. Just hit me in the comments 😉 And of course, anyone else who wants to answer these questions, feel free to write a novel in my comments section because I will read every single word! Do it! I double dare you.

My Questions:

  1. Do you send Christmas cards? If so, who makes the cut?
  2. How about a Christmas newsletter?
  3. Glitter covered cards/decorations – yes or no?
  4. Tinsel?
  5. Favourite Christmas treat?
  6. Mistle Toe – avoid or seek out?
  7. How do you decorate the inside of your house for Christmas?
  8. Do you fill stockings with presents or are they just a decoration? If you do fill them, what types of things do you like to have in yours/put in others?
  9. Do you like to have a white Christmas?
  10. Advent Calendars: Fun or not? Regular cheap chocolate ones or more elaborate?
  11. Presents on Christmas Eve or Day? Or both?!
  12. Christmas Day – what happens in your house? Walk us through a typical day.

33 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag

  1. 1. Yes. I just sent them out 2 days ago. I don’t have many friends, so they all get one! Plus my parents, my grandma, and my now in-laws. I sent out 8 cards in total.
    2. I never understood Christmas newsletters; they came across too braggy to me. Plus with social media, I think they’ve sort of become obsolete.
    3. My current decor has glitter and love it! But at the same time this is the first year I’ve actually decorated my house and have seen the effects of having glitter decor… I will for sure be a bit weary in the future buying more glitter decor.
    4. Have nothing against it; I just don’t use it.
    5. Peppermint anything! I current have been loving peppermint ice cream and white chocolate peppermint kettle corn. Yum!
    6. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one…
    7. Again since this is the first time decorating, I’m still accumulating decorations (via scooping up clearance items after the fact), but what I have done so far is decorate a [real] tree (my first one since we moved into our home!) and strung up garland on the 2 fireplace mantles, below a pass-through we have between our living room and kitchen and around the television. Oh! And my Charlie Brown Christmas tree on our entry table. 🙂
    8. As of now, just decoration. Maybe in the future when we actually spend Christmas at home, we’ll use them for some goodies.
    9. I would love a white Christmas!! I’ve not had one yet, but maybe this year…?
    10. I’ve never gotten into advent calendars.
    11. Since the hubby and I travel for Christmas, we usually exchange our gifts before Christmas so we don’t have to travel with them, but at my parents there is a strict ‘Christmas only’ rule that we abide by.
    12. We stay with my parents Christmas Eve so we wake up early and wait for my brother to get there while we make cinnamon rolls and coffee. We exchange gifts, eat breakfast, then start getting ready. Once presentable we head over to my grandma’s where we meet up with some extended family and eat Christmas lunch (basically a second Thanksgiving). Since there are so many of us, grandma puts together mystery gifts with a mix of strange items inside. Everyone congregates in the living room and opens one each one at a time. The only rule: if you get something you can wear, you have to put it on and get a picture taken. Some wearable items previously received include springy eyeball glasses, fake teeth, an apron that looks like a Santa body with whip cream and cherries covering the nipples and crotch, and a pair of red XXXXXL women’s panties. The incentive for people to participate is one of the many presents holds a purple button which indicates the winner of a $50 gift card. Then we head back to my parents to play with our gifts and eat leftovers. Can’t wait!

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      • All right, I decided to come back later and answer your questions. I was at work earlier… probably would have been frowned upon if I spent too much time perusing the blogs 🙂
        1. I haven’t done a Christmas card in a few years. The last one I did was so awesome, I knew I’d never be able to top it.
        2. I feel like I’d be more likely to do a newsletter, but there’s a part of me that feels like, since I spend so much of the year blogging about what’s going on in my life, the people who actually care have been reading up all year. Why repeat myself for the rest?
        3. Ugh… no. That stuff gets everywhere.
        4. Ugh… no. That stuff gets everywhere.
        5. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes
        6. Mostly avoid. Unless I happen to be at a Christmas party with Carrie Underwood. I know, she’s married. But the rules of mistletoe still apply.
        7. I don’t. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas decorations. It’s just that, as a single guy who keeps to himself most of the time, it’s not as if I’d be showing off those decorations for anyone but me. And that’s a lot of work for just me.
        8. When I was a kid, the stockings were filled by Santa on Christmas Eve. It was like having another present to open on Christmas morning. And as I’m not one to have much of a sweet tooth, I always preferred to get small games or toys in my stocking.
        9. I love snow, so yes.
        10. I don’t typically get involved with an advent calendar. Though, I think if I had a family, I’d like to have the type that my church’s kids’ ministry gives out each year, where there’s an activity and Bible verse that correspond to each day.
        11. Why not both?
        12. Again, this would be different if I had a family of my own. But since we usually just do Christmas with family either on Christmas Eve or some night prior to that, my Christmas day is spent at home, mostly by myself. I’m close enough to my mother that I can visit her and we traditionally go see a movie on Christmas.

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  2. You had the right idea ordering online when you were in Korea! I bought loads of Canadian prezzies last year, and it cost me soooo much to post them back to the UK! This year I did everything online for folks back home!

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  3. 1. No
    2. No.
    3. I said no! Haha
    4. No. Let’s see if I can answer No to everything lol
    5. Candy Cane! The small ones though, the big ones are too big.
    6. Never seen it in person
    7. Christmas tree and stockings and some decorations on the fireplace
    8. When I was a kid, there’d always be at least one thing in the stocking. Now they’re just decoration
    9. Yes, just as long as it’s about 1 centimetre haha
    10. Not! Only because we used to have them at school and the teacher would go down the attendance list for who’s turn it was to open a door and have the chocolate. I was always near the end of the list and Christmas break would start before we got to me. I’m still bitter about it.
    11. Day of! We once opened our gifts on Christmas Eve thinking it would be fun, but something felt like it was missing the next day.
    12. Wake up before 8, open presents, go off to the grandparents for a big lunch, and immediately crash land on a couch because it’s so filling haha

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    • Awww I feel so bad for school-aged Paul and not getting advent stuff! That’s so sad! My advent calendar is an NHL one this year lol ever crappy piece of chocolate has a hockey design on it. It rocks!

      You did say no to a lot of things! I’m a little sad but also very impressed haha

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  4. I love the Parks & Rec gif 🙂

    Wait, tell me more about this Canadian postal strike. Why didn’t Paul tell me about this? He’s responsible for keeping me up to date on all things Canada.

    Thanks for answering my questions! I’ll definitely answer yours!

    1. Nope. My mom does but only to people who send her cards first.
    2. Double no. That’s not necessary, especially with social media. And if you regularly keep in contact with the people you send Christmas cards to, then the newsletter isn’t necessary.
    3. NO. Glitter lives forever, and I don’t need to deal with that.
    4. All I think of when I hear tinsel is like a tree from the 1970s. I also feel like tinsel is a fire hazard.
    5. My mom makes Swedish spritz cookies, which are like little sugar cookies, with a cookie press. She’s been making them for years, and they’re great with a cup of tea.
    6. Avoid. Unless there’s some cute guy out there that I can meet there. But it doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.
    7. We always get a tree, and it goes in our dining room. (We don’t have room in our living room for it because of the dog beds.) My mom puts out some decorations and a Santa figurine on the buffet table in our dining room. The inside decorations have decreased over the years just because it’s such a pain to put everything back after Christmas is over.
    8. I have a stocking that my mom fills, and it normally has makeup, nail polish, and gift cards in it. Last year I bought little stockings for our pets, and we normally just put treats we already had in the house in the stockings for them. The dogs and cat aren’t going to know the difference haha.
    9. It would be pretty, but it’s not a make or break thing for me.
    10. I used to do one when I was younger, which the cheap chocolate. I think it stopped when I was in high school.
    11. Christmas day. We always bring them upstairs on Christmas eve, and we’re going to hope this year my cat doesn’t try to chew on the paper.
    12. Well Christmas day is going to be different this year. Normally, my parents and I open gifts in the morning at home and then go to my grandparents’ house for food (although we eat at noon) and open gifts there. This year, we’re doing an early Christmas tomorrow at my grandparents’ house with lasgana and gifts, and my parents and I are staying home on Christmas day. We’ll still open our gifts then, but after that, I’m not really sure what we’ll be doing.

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    • Okies postal strike: the workers wanted the usually I think (better pay/benefits) and tried to negotiate a new contract but the unions went on strike. It’s over now but there’s like 3 months of backlogged mail or something! When I ended a friendship with someone I asked for a book I mailed to be sent back. It’s the last thing tying me to him (aside from the him shaped hole in my heart) and I’m just hoping that it hasn’t arrived yet because of the strike. Paul must be dropping the ball! He should be mocked, but only a little: tsk tsk Paul! There that should set him straight.

      Your answers were great! I am finding I’m the only one who likes glitter…such a shame haha

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