Murder Mystery Contest

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Ok, so Tim Curry movies aside, who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?

Last night, my kidlets all convinced their mother that they weren’t going to karate. I had our bag packed with uniforms and snacks and my line is always “today is karate, so we be going to karate! No participation, no technology on the weekend!” That’s my threat for everything. It usually works. But one was sick, one spent the whole weekend in track and field events, and the other needed her hair braided so we weren’t going. Of course, they all took this extra time at home to sit around a tv screen, or the computer, or Xbox, or iPod. Until their mom realized they had been doing that for about an hour and a half after school already. They were all to get off the screens and have a change of activity.

3rd did what any smart 11-year-old would do: he turned the tv off in the kitchen, like he was told to do (way to go dude!) and then walked to the computer and turned it on. “I changed activities!” he moaned when I told him to turn it off.

“That’s it! Everyone off all screens. 30-minutes of screen-free time starts right now!” I demanded. I offered a few suggestions on what they could do to fill their time. I was in the middle of my first attempt at washing dishes so I wasn’t free to entertain them. No one had homework so I wasn’t just going to let them go wild for 30-minutes. I suggested they write a story. 2nd and 4th said they would write one together in a few minutes.

Then I got a brilliant idea!! I’m totally full of them! Over the weekend, I had to pick out a book for 3rd to do a book report on. I’m not really sure what he likes to read so I picked out four different books and one was a mystery book.

“Murder mystery writing contest!!” I declared! I got permission to buy a prize, and the idea of having a writing contest AND that it would have a prize brought all FOUR kids to the main level with screens turned off. I normally don’t include 1st in these activities. Like I ask but she never wants to do the activities. She’s 14 and doesn’t really like to participate with the other children if I’m doing something. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m running it or if she’s just too cool for nanny. It might be a little bit of both. But she participated!

So I set a timer on my phone for 30 minutes. We would write, and when the timer went off, we’d read our stories and we all decided to vote on the best one.

I was so in love with this! The kids worked really hard at it! Even before I said that there was going to be a prize 3/4 of them were totally excited about the idea. I didn’t win, but 2nd did! I picked up her prize this morning (an emoji toy with a Santa hat on it) but all the stories were great!

I know it’s going to make this post super long, but here is my story. You can read or not, but it’s cute. Please remember that I only had 30 minutes and I’m not editing anything except maybe spelling. And this was written for my kids so it’s obviously not very detailed.

The Sudden Death of Mr. Cake.

It was a dark and stormy night and Julia was walking her tortoise Voldetort after dinner. Her umbrella was blowing in the wind and she was ready to head back home when she looked down the alley beside the bakery shop. That’s when she saw it!!

A cake smashed on the ground!!

Julia surveyed the crime scene. Never before in her little life had she seen such a gruesome thing!

There were crumbs all over the pavement and frosting smeared all up the outside of the dumpster where the helpless cake had been murdered.

Julia sank to her knees in the rain, in a puddle of mud, frosting, and crumbs, and yelled


It wasn’t too long before the police arrived and started to photograph the scene. Yellow caution tape surrounded the alley and detectives started to interview the people working at the bakery. No one knew anything – or so they said.

Claus, the owner of the bakery, was in shock. He knew that cake personally. He had a wife and two little cupcakes at home.

Gwendelyn, the baker’s assistant, said she saw the cake in the back alley a few hours earlier. He had been talking to a donut and it looked heated. she didn’t know what it was about, but that donut was from the Sprinkle Gang.

Detective Eclair thanked Claus and Gwendelyn for their help and set off to find the mysterious Sprinkle Gang.

He arrived at the headquarters for the Sprinkle Gang – an old coffee shop that had been deserted.

Detective Eclair was scared. The Sprinkle Gang was the most dangerous gang in all of Sugar City. He told himself to be confident and slammed the door open.


All the heads inside turned to look at him. He took a deep breath and bellowed “Mr. Cake was murdered. I’m looking for the donut who was fighting with him earlier today.”

No one moved but everyone was starring him down.

He repeated himself again and added, “if no one comes forward, I’m arresting the whole Sprinkle Gang!”

Detective Eclair stood in the doorway waiting. Finally, there was a little rustling. A large chocolate donut with a bite mark out of his side stepped up.


yeah, I took some of my 30 minutes to draw him!

It was the infamous Chocolate Bandit!

“Yeah – that’s me!” he bellowed. “What do you want?”

Detective Eclair grabbed his handcuffs and said, “You’re under arrest for the murder of Mr. Cake!”

“I didn’t do it!” the Chocolate Bandit shouted. “I’m innocent!”

Down at the station, Detective Eclair and the Chocolate Bandit were in the middle of their interrogation.


“I AM!! I don’t know who killed Mr. Cake! He owed my boss money and I was there to tell him he had 24 hours to pay. I was getting my glaze touched up when he was murdered.”

Detective Eclair checked the Chocolate Bandit’s alibi and found it to be true. He had more questions though.

“Why did Mr. Cake need so much money from the Sprinkle Gang?”

“I don’t know! He told my boss he was building a house!”

Detective Eclair clearly had more investigating to do. He talked to Mr. Cake. She was distraught and had no idea why her husband had borrowed money from the Sprinkle Gang.

Detective Eclair had no leads. He went back to the police station and there was a letter on his desk.

Follow the trail of crumbs at the bakery.

This was an interesting clue! Detective Eclair went back to the bakery. There was a trail of crumbs all right! And it was leading straight to…

Gwendelyn’s car!!

Inside was Gwendelyn, and she was sobbing.

Detective Eclair tapped on the window. She looked up and rolled down the window. Detective Eclair didn’t even have to say anything. Gwendelyn started to confess immediately!

“I loved him! OK?! He said we would run away together. He built us a house and everything but then he said he was staying with his wife!! I just lost control and it was an accident! I didn’t mean to! One minute we were arguing and the next he was smashed on the ground!”

Detective Eclair took Gwendelyn into custody and released the Chocolate Bandit.

Ok, so basically everything after the letter on the desk was written in the last 30 seconds haha. Typing it out was so hard because I want to change so much of it! It’s definitely going into my google docs as a WIP and maybe I’ll get around to fixing it and giving it a proper ending haha.

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    • It’s a great plan! 2nd hasn’t already requested that we have another contest tonight, but it doesn’t have to have a prize attached to it. She just wants to write which is awesome!! We’ll have to see if we have some time to squeeze it in


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