Saturday Questions #14

sleeping beauty love GIF by Disney

I know, I’ve been using a lot of gifs lately. I’m going through a gif phase!

Today’s question asks me to write about a vivid dream. I often remember a lot of my dreams so I knew this was going to be an easy post.

Yesterday, I got a lot of sleep. I woke up and made breakfast for the girls who live with me and then went back to sleep for an hour. Woke up, did some cleaning, had lunch, then went back to sleep for over two hours. I’ve been feeling off all week and I guess it finally caught up with me. But the dreams I had while sleeping – oh my goodness!

For some reason, these dreams all had one thing in common: dropping babies. I don’t know why my dreams were all about dropping babies, but there we have it!

While taking one of my naps, a friend of mine was standing beside a pool full of red soupy water (honestly it looked like a pool of blood, gross I know), and she was holding her baby. The baby is actually like 3 years old now but in my dream, she was like 6 months. So I’m talking to my friend and she literally just holds the baby out and drops her into the pool! I then had to jump in and swim to the bottom a few times before finding the baby and getting her out of the pool. I tried to give her CPR in my dream but then I woke up.

Then, while I was sleeping overnight, I had another dream. I actually had a few but we’re sticking with the baby thing. Okies so I’m sitting in church with a different friend in the row behind me and we’re talking and there are all these kids around. Then my mom walks up and she’s in a mood but she is holding a baby. And she walks past me to sit down beside me but as she is walking she literally just drops the baby into my lap from her hip level to my sitting level (which I catch as if she had passed it off in a normal way). Apparently, the baby was mine. It was actually really cute! I don’t know if it was a boy or a girl, though. But it had the biggest blue eyes and blonde hair.

Not sure why I kept having dreams about babies yesterday, or babies being dropped. But there ya have it! Possibly because at work the ladies keep talking about me having babies or that one lady was trying to set me up with a guy with a kid and said we’d have cute babies (it’s true, we would).

Are you the type of person to remember your dreams? Any vivid ones that stand out lately?

No babies were harmed in the making of these dreams. 

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