Christmas Funsies

It’s finally Friday (my day off) of a super exhausting week for me, and I have no brain cells left to post anything.

But instead of just taking the day to myself, I decided that I’d just leave some cute Christmas quizzes here for ya’ll to take.

These come from Buzzfeed and only take like two minutes to do.

The first:

Everyone’s Personality Matches A Christmas Tree

I got the “wholesome Christmas tree”


I kind of don’t agree. While I’d love to design my own Christmas cards, who has time for that? I’d cross-stitch them if I did, though haha!! Make them extra special. I’m not really into sweets so the living off chocolate is a total miss. But after snorting so many snowflakes during my walk to work yesterday that I felt like I needed to check myself into rehab, I appreciate the eating the snow one. I used to eat snow when I was under 10-years-old. Fresh, white, clean, snow. I won’t deny it.

Next up! We’ll give you an Ugly Christmas Sweater Based On Your Style Choices

I got:


Straight up, this is adorable and I’d totally wear it! I love the idea of “ugly Christmas sweater” parties but I don’t actually own any of the sweaters. Too bad Target went bankrupt in Canada and I can’t get this adorable thing!

If you take the quizzes, lemme know in the comments what you got. I’d love to know what other outcomes the quizzes have.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Funsies

  1. I got hipster Christmas tree: Secretly loves snow (honey, it ain’t no secret!), really wants to put up Christmas lights but can’t be bothered to (true), and thinks napping is the best part of Christmas (I mean I love me a good nap, but they don’t happen very often).
    And a 3D moose sweater found on amazon. 🙂

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  2. I got Artifical Christmas Tree:
    • Takes gift buying very serious. (Sometimes)
    • Loves a terrible Christmas sweater. (False)
    • Pretends to hate carol singers but actually loves them. (Never seen a caroller in person)

    And then I got a Chihuahua Sweater hahah


        • Omg this kind of totally happened a few weeks ago at work! Burgers going around to houses posing as a cable company asking weird questions like how many TVs are in the house and how many dogs and are they friendly etc etc. Then a house down the road got broken into! My boss thinks it’s the same people

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          • That’s so sketchy! We’ve had people come to the door before who said the town sent them to inspect the water heater in the basement. We never let them in because the town would never do that, without giving notice, or without us being the ones to book the appointment right? They probably just want to analyze access points to the house and see what we have.

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