Are you trying to set me up?!

Have any of your friends tried to set you up?

So I work with a few older ladies, I seem to be the youngest in every group I’m in (work, the ladies I sit with at church, small group bible study), and one of them has decided she wants to set me up.

She knows 95% my boy drama from the past two years – yes, even stuff that you guys don’t know! Honestly, ya’ll know about 75-80%, just so ya know.

Anyway, so she knows how my fall has been going with guys and on Monday at work, she asks if I’m involved with anyone. and right away I’m thinking oooo good Lord, not another guy so I tell her “I’m having a boy-free December.” Which I think is a great move for me. I had my little breakdown and wallowing in October, I had that “started off really great, turned into not my type” guy in November, which was amazing to help me move past the wallowing. And now, it’s the holidays. I don’t want to be all boy drama for the holidays. Christmas is my favourite holiday and I want to be able to enjoy it without being all “gah boys are stupid” Which they are. And girls are crazy. You just need to find the stupid that matches your crazy. 

She was all “that’s smart! Focus on yourself. My cousin is in town, you two should meet. How would you be with a little girl?”

“What do you mean?”

“He has a daughter – would you be ok with a little girl?”

And I literally just laughed! “You see me with the girls here, of course, I’d be good with a little girl. Wait – are you trying to set me up?!” As I groaned on the inside.

“Come, look at his picture.”

I did, and I’ve got to say, the boy is fine. And his daughter is adorable. They looked like they were at her first communion or something, it was a really cute picture. But I’m still holding firm to my “no-boy December” though and she respects that. Then she goes “that’s ok, he’s leaving next week.”

“Why are you trying to set me up with someone who is just leaving in a week?”

“He’s coming back after the holidays”

So possibly after the holidays, we’ll be meeting? I don’t know. The only thing is that it’s her cousin. So she knows him and I can’t use her as a sounding board for my boy problems haha. She’s not always a big help, she usually changes her opinion on the guy a few times in just one sentence lol. And when she thinks a guy has treated me in a way that he shouldn’t, she goes into a rant and her Jamaican accent comes out way too thick that I can’t even understand what she is talking about. Sometimes she even throws in a little Padwa (gypsy) in the mix and it really throws me off haha. But she is part of my “just give me your ear and let me vent” support system I was talking about last week.

But I’ve never actually let any of my friends set me up. One has offered a few times but I’ve always declined. Have you ever been set up by your friends? How did it go? Lemme know! I feel the need to prepare myself for this to eventually happen haha.

20 thoughts on “Are you trying to set me up?!

  1. I’ve not ever been set up, but I’ve set up some of my friends previously and THAT was an experience! It didn’t work out. Looking back, I have no idea what I was thinking! 😀


      • It was awful and my dealing with it was awful as well. I was wary of it going south quickly, so I had an plan to end the date. We agreed to getting together for a Saturday at noon. I picked her up and it was tough from there. It was really hard to strike up a conversation with her, and I made up an excuse after an hour to drop her off. Never again.

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        • Ohs sorry to hear that! But always good to have an exit strategy. Ya never know how two people are going to connect with each other in person. I always make sure to have a friend check in with me if I’m going on a date.


  2. I did, once…never again! Girl was crazy, certifiable. Her ex committed suicide, she was a mess. I almost didn’t get out of the relationship alive, but I learned a lot about suicide, survivors, and the support systems. My so called friends left too much information out. Some friends, huh?

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    • Haha I think my parents have the same idea – they haven’t known of any of my previous relationships though. I keep that part of my life private. When there’s someone they need to meet, they will, but until then nothing haha. I’m definitely against blind dates, I think they would be awkward. But if I can talk to the person before hand I’d consider it, but then it’s not a blind date anymore haha

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  3. The girl I sit beside at work was set up by her sister – Her sister went on a tinder date with a guy, whilst on the date she decided her was more suited to Tracy her sister and set them up… they are now married! And its my favourite ‘how did you guys meet?’ story ever!

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