Nail Art Sunday: Christmas Week 3

Halfway through all my Christmas designs!

Okies, so just a basic recap: I had a poll, ya’ll voted, now we’re 3 weeks into a 6 week Christmas nail art extravaganza.

This week, my inspiration was peppermints.


Yes, sure, they are on toes in that picture, but we’re doing fingernails!

The design is actually really easy. The only hard part is spacing out the red segments and getting a nice curve to them. In my video, I made a small little dot in the centre of each nail to make sure I had the best space to start the red. I didn’t get enough red lines on my nails though. Only 4 per nail. For it to really look like a peppermint, I’d say that you’ll need at least 5. So my nails kind of look more like poinsettias instead of peppermints, but they are still cute.

Here’s the video if ya’ll want to see how I did it:

And here is my Instagram picture of my finished nails:


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