Saturday Questions #13

shawn mendes baby theres nothing holding me back GIF by 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

Unlike Shawn Mendes here, I wish I could say that there was nothing holding me back.

This question hit me like a tonne of bricks! What’s holding me back? At first, I was like “holding me back from what?” and then my brain was all “Gurl – do you want that alphabetically or categorically” and the sass just slapped me across the face so I sat down and listened.

Basically, it all boils down to fear. Specific types of fear, but fear nonetheless.

Fear of being rejected or getting my heart broken again holds me back in relationships right now. Fear of rejection keeps me from getting a finished children’s book published (and of course finding an artist to illustrate it and since I’m being totally honest, I’m a little scared of learning how to get it published because I have three finished books already). Fear of failure keeps me from that as well. Or from seeking more career advancement, or even just a change. Fear of letting people down, fear of change or the uncertainty of life for the first little bit while I make that change. Sometimes it’s the fear of stopping something in my life that I know I  probably should stop but it makes me happy and I didn’t want to lose that happiness.

It really all boils down to fear. Which I think is probably a common theme when people look at what is holding them back. They don’t want to take that next leap or jump or baby step because they are scared of what might happen – both good or bad! How many times does the prospect of something great coming out of a little bit of a struggle cause us to stop? Why are we afraid of our successes?! I know that happens to me sometimes.

So how about you? What’s holding you back?

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #13

  1. Fear holds us back that’s true, but sometimes that’s good. It can keep us out of bad situations. Whenever, I haven’t listened to my intuition, I’ve regretted it. So when you feel afraid, listen to your gut. It’ll tell you if your fear is justified or not. 🙂

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  2. You’ve completed 3 books? You say you’re afraid of failure? Look at it this way: if you try to get it published, you’ve got a 50/50 shot at success. If you don’t try, you’ve got a 100% chance of not getting it published. I like the better odds. Easier said than done, yes. But, what’s the worst that can happen? 😊

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