Advent Is Upon Us

It’s finally late enough in the year that most people are accepting that it’s Christmas time!

excited christmas GIF by Hey Duggee

Can we just take a second to recognize how amazing that gif is!? Omg!! Cute little hippo in his Christmas hat with his advent calendar!! Adorbs! It’s created by Hey Duggee on and I am loving all his other creations! 

I’ve gotten into the habit of doing an Advent Calendar on this blog. I have one of the cheap chocolate ones this year for myself, mostly because I was buying Christmas cards at the dollar store and it was a hockey one with the vintage logos of the original six NHL teams and I was all “um YES PLEASE!” so I got it.

Last year I did my favourite Christmas movies and the year before that Christmas songs. This year I was struggling to decide what I was going to do and was even considering not doing it at all! But then Pinterest, the ninja spy that it is, knew that I was struggling with this choice and in my feed a day or so ago, there was a Bible verse Advent sheet. So starting tomorrow I’m going to do that.

christmas santa GIF by Hey Duggee

I try to keep my blog light and airy, which sometimes means that I don’t write about my religious beliefs but I’m a Christian and proud to be one. Even if all the tattoos throw some people off. So this year I’ll be doing verses as my advent calendar. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but, ya know what, that’s ok! Regular posts will also be going up so don’t worry, it’s not just going to be a month of Bible verses and nothing else.

Just to keep things extra cute have yet another gif by that Hey Duggee person because, OMG ITS JUST TOO CUTE!

christmas winter GIF by Hey Duggee


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