Anyone know anything about scrapbooking?

I’m being sucked into yet another area of the crafting world.

Yesterday was my two-year anniversary at work!! So what comes next? Signing another year-long contract of course. I love this family and they have made me feel like I am kin. It’s amazing.

Although, this week hasn’t been too great. Monday, I had a soccer ball smash me in the face. My ear/temple to be exact. It wasn’t on purpose but still – that hurt!

Tuesday, 3rd and 4th were on a rampage of disobedience. There was slapping, hitting, yelling, screaming, slamming of doors, tears, “if I have to come up here one more time!!”s and eventually loss of technology privileges for the rest of the night and also for the weekend.

Wednesday, after all of that, I made one of the homestay students cry. Ever since the start of October, she has decided she isn’t going to go to school anymore. It started off with her going to school, but just like 10 minutes late and then just skipping her first and second period classes. Then she would just leave late enough to miss them, then it got to the point where she was staying home all day. I started off knocking every day, and she would make the excuse that she wasn’t feeling well, and then I stopped because I’m not going to stand outside of her bedroom every single day for 10 minutes knocking until she hears me and decides to get up. No way. I told my boss that and she agreed, but whenever the school would call my boss to say this girl wasn’t in school, back to her door I was sent to knock!

Well, yesterday, I had had enough! I was over this. If she wasn’t going to listen to my boss, or her guardian (they are two different people), she was going to get an ear full from me! I thought she had actually gone to school because I went into my room for about 10 minutes and when I came back out, her school bag was gone from the counter and so was her lunch. But her slippers weren’t by the front door. I got a text from my boss asking if she had gone, and it as about 8:40am – which is when her school starts. I knocked on her door and she replied so I knew she hadn’t gone back to sleep. I told her she HAD to go to school and to get ready. 8:50, no sightings. I wasn’t letting her go back to sleep so I go back down and SLAM my hand on her door a few times to get her up. I told her she had 5-minutes. I go back at 9am and again knock on her door. She says she’s changing. Then she comes out and goes into the bathroom the BLOW DRY HER HAIR!! She spends another 10 minutes in there wasting time. I had planned to leave at 9am to run some errands with one of my boss’s vans so now she was messing up our days as well.

I went down the hall at 9:10, I’m in my coat, and boots, and ready to leave and I yell for her. She comes out and I tell her she’s making me late for my day so MOVE. She finally gets out to the kitchen where I am sitting waiting to leave and I stop her. I told her that this ends today. It’s ridiculous and I’m over it. She’s upset me, and my boss, and now she’s made me 20 minutes late for my day. From now on, she is to be out the door for school by 8:30 and I don’t want to have to do this ever again. Her eyes were filling with tears as she walked away to get the bus to go to school.

But, ya know what? She was up and out for school by 8:30 this morning! Sometimes all you need is a little tough love!!

So now we’re 700 words into this crazy post, and I still haven’t mentioned scrapbooking, so what’s the point of my title anyway?!

Let me tell you!!

I had written on the calendar at work that it was my 2-year anniversary, mostly because I have to resign contracts and just wanted to remind my boss and that’s the best way. I get to work and after dinner, everyone starts acting very weird. The dad gets home with groceries and hands me a tote to put away which wasn’t the one I was going to grab. Like he stopped me from taking a specific one. And then the mom is herding all the students and children into her office and being all secretive.

She comes out, and goes “T, we’re going to celebrate you tonight!” And we all gathered in the kitchen and they had a cake and everyone had signed some cards and it was all very sweet!! They even got me a present! Some scrapbooking supplies (whoop there it is!)

Some highlights from my kidlets from the cards “you aren’t so bad after all! Happy 2nd year anniversary!” from 1st. From 3rd “Happy birthday anniversery (I think I spelt it wrong) Hope this was a better year” From 2nd “You make our lives easier and filled with laughter!” And 4th wrote on both cards just a simple congratulations. I seriously love them so much!!!

But now I need to learn how to scrapbook! And I have to get some photos printed so I can make a scrapbook haha. Anyone have any tips or tricks?! I might as well just live at Michael’s now.

8 thoughts on “Anyone know anything about scrapbooking?

  1. I’ve been wanting to do a scrapbook for my wedding, but I’ve never done one either. I’ve gotten as far as buying a book, some wedding-y paper, 1 pack of wedding stickers, and printed just over 350 pictures. I want to include things like save-the-dates, invites, napkins, cards, etc. from the wedding, but I don’t know where to start!

    Have you heard/seen people bullet journaling? I think a lot of the concepts they use could make a cute addition to a scrapbook. Just a thought…

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    • Bullet journaling is another thing I’ve wanted to do but I’ve never put in the time or effort! I always think I’m going to do it “next year” but I’ve already bought my planner for next year soooo it’s gotta be next next year lol

      Samesies for scrapbooking! Always wanted to do it but never taken the plunge. I’m sure Pinterest will help a lot. Because I need more reasons to spend time on Pinterest haha

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      • I recently dipped my toe in, but instead of a book, I did a shadowbox. I took bits and pieces from my friend’s wedding like the save-the-date, program, and a picture of the couple and added stickers and faux flowers in a sort of collage and gave it to them as a post-wedding gift. They loved it! I did too, but I feel like I will be more picky about the layout of my own stuff.

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  2. *sticking hand up* Me, me. I scrapbook and have done for about 10 years. At least, I do whenever I get free time which is really rare (although I buy supplies as if I do it all the time *blush*). Tap me off loop if you do want some hints and tips =)

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