Nail Art Sunday: Christmas Week 2

We’re keeping on track with our Christmas themed nails, and this week I tried out the snowmen!

So the results of the poll were in, and I chose the top three designs to incorporate into my 6-weeks of Christmas nails. This week, I decided to work on some snowmen. If you need a refresher on what the inspiration picture looked like, check them out in the box labelled K:


Of course, I had to make them my own and I decided that a light blue would work better for the main colour instead of fuschia. But, then again, I’m more of a blue girl anyways. I tried my best, and up until I put on the top coat, I liked them like 75%! The snow was a little too thick and the snowflakes were a little messy (I can never figure out how to make dots look nice and random on my nails), but the snowmen were cute-ish. After the top coat, all the polish smudged and now I can’t stand them (even though everyone who sees them in person thinks they are cute). Whatevers Mr. Snowmen!

Here’s the video for this week. Since this is such a detailed design, the video is about 25 minutes:

And here is a picture of my completed nails before I put on the top coat and ruined them:


4 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Christmas Week 2

    • Thanks, doll!! I think the blue looks so nice! I’m still not sure how long they will last on my nails haha. I haven’t been taking care of them like I would have if I loved them so they’ve already started to chip haha!! Next time I’ll just take the easy way and use my stamping plate lol

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