Water, Water, Everywhere

And not in the form of snow, so I’m kind of a little upset!

Alright, so this post is to get your opinion: how do you like to drink water?

I know, that’s a silly question to ask, but I need to know! Tap water? Filtered water? Bottled? Hot? Cold? What’s your pleasure?!

Generally, I like cold water. It doesn’t have to be filtered, it can come straight from the tap but it needs to be COLD. Colder than just “cold tap water” but not so cold like it’s been filled with ice. I have a Brita filter that I keep in my fridge. I’m 99% sure there isn’t even a filter in it, but it just keeps the water cold so I can drink it cold. Sometimes I will just drink plain hot water. Boil the kettle, pour into a mug, drink. I’m very simple like that. But I’m not opposed to tap water – when I was younger, we used to drink from the garden hose. Yups – I’m from that generation.

water dogs GIF by AFV Pets

Because of my unique work situation as a nanny, I come in contact with a whole bunch of other ladies that also work for the family. Here are three of their opinions about water:

1: It’s water! If I’m thirsty, I shall drink. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night, and will just drink from the tap. It’s all fine. Tap water is just as good as anything else.

2: I only drink cold filtered water. If the water filter isn’t set up, I’m not drinking anything. Don’t care if I’m cleaning the house for 8 hours, I’m not drinking tap water. No way. Possibly, if it’s boiled water that’s been chilled I just might consider it, but probably not. I will bring filtered water from the other house and keep it in the fridge so that I have something to drink. My container of water is empty? Can you bring me water from the other house so I can have something to drink? I’m so thirsty. Do you have any oranges? There’s no water to drink so I’ll eat one of those instead.

3: Room temperature water is best! It can be filtered or not, bottled or not, that doesn’t matter. But it shouldn’t be cold or hot because that’s not good for your stomach or digestion. Just plain old water and not too hot or cold and I’m good.

So what’s your opinion on water? How do you take it?

animation drinking GIF

14 thoughts on “Water, Water, Everywhere

    • Oh I used to have really sensitive teeth too (hello root canal!) so I had to be careful about the temperature before I had that fixed. I’m ok with room temperature water. What I don’t like is that awkward phase between hot and room temperature haha!


  1. I drink a lot of water, and I usually like it not too cold. Straight from the tap or room temperature is fine. The water is really hard where I live and it took me a really long time to get used to the taste, so I used to drink filtered or bottled water. I’m used to it now and I have a metal reusable bottle, which actually makes it taste better than in a plastic bottle!

    Anyway… There, you have my opinion on water! Haha!

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    • Hehe awesome! I have a plastic tumbler that my kids gave me for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. It has a cute design on it and a plastic straw inside so I just use that all the time at home. I’m not a big fan of metallic water bottles. Like I love them for their convenience but I find they flavour the water to taste like metal? Haha Over the summer I had a glass one! I love it for when I’m out and need to carry water with me 🥰

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  2. Tap water is fine with me. If it is a really hot day I’ll take it cold, but if it is cold weather I take it hot (as in a cuppa – but on the herbal side like rooibos or peppermint). Otherwise straight from the tap.

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  3. I’m a country girl too do tap and hose is just fine. I’ve even been known to cup my hands under a flowing stream and take a drink. I despise city water when it’s been treated with chlorine-it’s so stinkin nasty! I also used to hate the taste of Disani bottled water, but have gotten over it. I prefer my water over ice unless I need something to chug; then room temp is perfect.

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  4. I drink tap water, and it has to be cold. Like if my water bottle has been sitting out for a while, I’m fine with the room temperature. But really warm water, like if my water bottle has been sitting in my car during the summer, is gross and I won’t drink that. I always carry a Nalgene water bottle with me and hardly ever drink bottled water. I drink a lot of water during the day, so it’s easier to have the refillable bottle with me.

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