You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

grinch smile GIF

On Sunday, I had an evening out with a movie and then dinner (cos sometimes ya just gotta treat yo’ self!) and I went to see the new Grinch movie. I was excited because I love Christmas for all its beauty and lights and things that glitter and snow and happiness and Christmas songs and *stops to draw breath* everything else that makes this season so lovely.

And I just want to say, even though I didn’t think that we, as a society, needed a new Grinch movie, I actually really enjoyed it! It was everything I have come to love about animated Dr. Seuss. It is currently in 2nd place on my list of Grinch movies. Out of 3, so like that’s a big deal.

1st is, and always will be, the original. I love the original. It’s amazing.

how the grinch stole christmas GIF

And now it’s thing one:

whipped cream lol GIF by The Grinch

hehe, Fred, you crack me up, dude! 

And then it’s the real-life one:

 eating bored jim carrey grinch the grinch GIF

Now, I’ve read a few things on Pinterest and Tumblr that are not all that favourable for the new Grinch. They say he’s got no bite to him. That he’s just like a grumpy old man (we learn he’s 53 in this version) and doesn’t really embody the true spirit of the Grinch. And I do agree that once I read those comments and reflected that I can totally see where they are coming from. It’s true. He doesn’t live up the reputation. But that doesn’t make me love the movie any less!!

Have you seen it yet? Do you intend to? What do you think about it?

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15 thoughts on “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

    • He was sad and lonely! I think that either way he is portrayed, both angry vs sad, still keeps true to (what I believe is) the meaning of the book which is that Christmas is more than just consumerism at its highest level lol. All versions show that!


  1. I haven’t seen it and probably won’t because it costs a lot to go to the movies here and we are going to see the next Fantastic Beasts. It will be the only movie I see at the cinema all year but I held out for it =)

    I *love* Christmas. It’s my favourite celebration of the year. Hot, sunny weather, the carols, Christmas lights (although you have to stay up past 9pm to see them because that’s when it gets dark) and summer holidays.

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    • LOL omg come here cos it’s dark at like 5pm and you can see lots more lights!! 😁

      It’s not too expensive to go to the movies here but I still hardly ever go. But I WILL be going to see Creed II in a week or so! I can’t wait!!

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