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A weird thing happened to me over the weekend, and I’m going to share it with you. Like I always do. Because what’s the use of having a blog with almost 900 followers if the like 20 of you who actually engage in my blog don’t get to hear all about the ins and outs and over sharings of my world?

Okies, a little background first: I like to classify myself as a political moderate. I’m not sure what that term means to you, but to me, it means that I don’t really affiliate myself with any political party or ideology. In Canada, there are more than just two parties so I think sometimes it’s easy for people to do this here. The main two are the Conservatives and the Liberals, and I guess I am more of a Conservative but I also support the Liberal agenda from time to time. I also really support the socialist agenda – the good one, not the “kill lots of people to get my way and let everyone else starve during civil war” one.

barack obama politics GIF by Obama

Basically, I’m in the middle of everything. Which I like. It allows me to accept other’s views rather easily because probably at least once over the last few years, I have supported whatever party you support. It also means that I hardly ever get into really heated political arguments, or get thrown off by someone else’s political views.

Anyway, that’s not really the point of this. But it’s important to understand everything up there *makes a general swooshing motion with her hand upwards* in order to understand what comes down there *points down* Just because I’m typing this doesn’t mean I can’t hand gesture to make my point.

coming together keegan-michael key GIF by The Paley Center for Media

Okies, so there is a person in my life who I haven’t been friends with for very long, maybe about two months, but we talk quite a bit. For the most part, we have aligning ideologies and have never really had an argument. We’ve only hung out a few times, but for the most part, that’s been pretty chill as well.

Until Sunday evening.

We were having a conversation about the news and I said something about hopefully (insert whatever it was that we were talking about) gets Trump impeached faster. I’m not a Trump supporter in any way. I really think he’s a disgusting excuse for a human being, but I also know that some people support how he is running the US even if he is a slimeball. There’s some solid wisdom in those opinions. For the most part, though, everyone seems to agree (despite their views on how he’s running the US) that he’s some extra kind of gross.

But this friend of mine carried on their side of the conversation under the tone that Trump is a victim of the media and (legit they said this) that Trump is the only person who is supporting Christianity in America and the only one who is pushing real American core values.

unbreakable kimmy schmidt mindy lahiri GIF

I’m not exactly sure if this statement broke my brain, but it broke our friendship. This has literally never happened to me before. I have never had someone say one simple sentence and then instantly all my respect and connection to that person just poof disappears.

I literally have absolutely no desire to even talk to this person anymore. My reaction to their comments threw me more than what they were actually saying. And I can’t really wrap my head around that. And it’s not like I’m even angry or upset about it – it’s like a switch flipped and I there’s nothing left to say to them.

Has this ever happened to you? Where someone else’s views were so wildly different from your own that you were just so shocked that they had them and you were all like “nopes, I have nothing left to say to you, ever. Sorry, there’s the door”?

35 thoughts on “Political Conversations

  1. That’s the political climate that we live in. When the whole Trump/Clinton election was in full swing, I was visiting blogs that were trashing either candidate. I had said at the time that there was the risk of alienating half of your followers to whomever was posting. I fell out of favor with both sides! TBH, I found both candidates to be loathsome people. Probably the worst two candidates of all time, and each for their own reasons.

    But, to your point….

    As far as the light turning off for your relationship with that person, maybe there wasn’t a lot keeping you connected in the first place? My brother is an atheist, and I’m not. He’s socialist and I’m not. But I love him dearly and we write and record songs together. While there are parts of him that I deeply disagree with, the things that unite us are more powerful.

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    • It was a new friendship so maybe you are right about not that much connection there? I have lots of close friends who have completely different views than I do and we are totally fine. Just this one conversation and it was like “well all done”. My brother and I are opposites in a lot of ways too but we are still super close! It was honestly the strangest thing lol

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  2. These political conversations will lead to that sorta thing. I can’t believe they actually uttered those words. The media? He’s bringing back “Christianity”???? How? By denying people help and creating divisiveness? Oh, the hypocrisy. I don’t blame you for cutting this one off. It’s amszing how easily people are brainwashed. 😕

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  3. I stay out of political conversations for just that reason! Who am I to impose my opinions on someone else? Especially when I know very little about the real nitty gritty behind government leaders, my opinion is based off very little actual knowledge. I just don’t have the energy to get into something that will annoy the hell out of me and particularly when I know my opinion and the other persons will change nothing. I say, go with your gut. This friendship would probably not have lasted very long anyway, you would have seen the “ real “ person in No time at all!

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  4. How would you say you are moderate if this is the way you feel? You actually contradicted yourself.
    Then you went on to bash her (pretty meanly) because of the way she thinks…

    I never post negative comments but… maybe try and look from a different perspective?
    This is how she feels. There are many others who feel the same. Except YOU disagree with her.

    I have friends who are completely opposite of me and believe some outlandish stuff but I respect them and continue our friendships.
    I guess I would take a look at yourself before throwing away a friendship and realize not everyone who you interact with will have the same aligning views.

    Presidencies will change, try and value people because relationships last longer❤️

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    • I am a moderate because I don’t fall too far on either side of the political spectrum. And I actually agree with you – I did contradict myself. It was the point of the post actually, that I’ve never had that sort of reaction to others views before. I have lots of friends, and family members, who have completely different views than I have and there’s never been such a personal reaction. But again, that’s the point of the post – the conflict within myself over my own personal reaction.

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  5. I had someone refer to ‘darkies’ and ‘white trash’ in the same sentence at a convention. I’d been having a lovely time with this girl, we’d gone out to dinner together twice from the convention and were planning other stuff but after she said that I couldn’t even answer. I didn’t even know what to say. She truly believed it was acceptable. I just stood up and walked away. I saw her the next day but she didn’t approach me and I’ve never seen or heard from her again.

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    • Ohs yeah I feel you! I probably would have done the same thing! I canceled plans with this person for next weekend because of this. They asked if we were still friends and I was just like “I guess? I just don’t have anything left to say here” so I guess we’ll see how it goes from there. But I was just pfffftttt wow over it lol

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  6. I agree with the commenter above, that it sounds like you don’t have much holding your friendship together.

    I’m good friends with a couple of people that have totally different views to me. One of them thinks Brexit is a good idea(!) I actually really like discussing those things with her as I can learn more about how people think outside my bubble of similar thinkers… BUT if I’d made a new friendship and the new friend said something similar to your friend, I’d probably react in the same way.

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  7. Ive lost friends over this man as well. And like you said, its not even anger or a *GASP* and run. It’s just that I understand then that we will be FUNdamentally different people who happen to oppose each other on every belief and kindness imagineable and they have underlying personality traits i wasn’t aware of and isn’t *that* a fun development at a party?! PHEW 😂😂😂 To be clear, I’m all for *whatever* party steps forward to lead us respectably. However…it is this one individual I am diametrically opposed to.

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  8. I try to stay out political conversations because it’s something that people get passionate about or it ends up in a heated debate. Because it goes back to our values, attitudes, and beliefs, and if I remember one thing from my COMM 100 class freshman year of college, it’s that those things are very hard to change in someone else.

    I only really talk politics with my parents. (Sometimes Paul and I talk about the differences between Canadian and US politics.) But I’d rather stay in a bubble about other people’s political leanings because once you find out they lean one way or another, your opinion on them changes. Kind of what happened with you and your friend.

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    • It is something that is so hard to change in someone and I wouldn’t want to change anyone’s opinion. I’m used to political conversations because I studied it in university haha (and religion, double major woot woot!) and you are so right! Once you find out how someone leans it does sometimes change how you see that person. This friend did check in to see how I’m doing today so maybe there will still be come connection left but not the same it was before for sure

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      • You just might have to tread lightly and stick to small talk for a while. I think you need to feel comfortable with the other person when you talk about certain things, like politics, and there can be disagreement, but it needs to be healthy and not aggressive.

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        • Totally treading lightly for sure! And I agree you really do need to feel comfortable with the other person to have those kinds of conversations. Really be able to read the other person to avoid that conflict. Now that it’s been a few days, we are stating the small talk again haha but just barely

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  9. This is how I feel when my family talks politics. They are so aligned with a ‘party’ they forget to see the actual agenda. And the agenda is not doing what Christian conservatives think it is. I dunno. It breaks my heart.

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  10. I always find o’seas political conversations confusing. Down Under the labour party are left and the liberal party are right. But I think the liberal party are left over in your neck of the woods? *makes my head hurt* I’m kinda surprised a conversation about another countries political situation made you feel that strongly. Maybe it’s cause we’re so far away? Or because we have enough political drama here without worrying about someone else’s *grin*.

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    • Ya know, through further reflection, I’ve come to a better understanding of my feelings: it was the support of the man not his policies (another blogger phrased it something like that in his own comment and that was like “yes! That’s what I meant!”) I was just so shocked that this friend of mine would be in such support of Trump as a person. Probably even more so considering the demographics this person fits into (non-white, immigrant, Christian). I have no idea how well Teump is actually doing as president but I did ask an American friend for their opinion on that. It still didn’t change my huge gut reaction to this friend. My bff pointed out it could have been such a drastic reaction because of other little things that had been grating on me as I got to know this new friend. Who knows?!?! Lol I was just shocked at the reaction in myself

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  11. I am a liberal leaning person (although I don’t identify as a Republican or Democrat) living in an area where the vast majority of people are hardcore Trump supporters. Hearing some of the excuses they come up with for him just kills me. Things they’d have wanted Obama or Hillary arrested over, they not only condone, but praise in Trump.

    It really baffles me how the folks in the Bible belt that I live in think he’s so pro-Christian. I can’t think of anything in the Scriptures, and that’s what should matter, that I’d associate with Trump.

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    • Thats honestly what shocked me the most was that this friend of mine really thinks that Trump is so pro-Christian! It took a few days to get over the shock of it all and we are still friends and stuff but it’s defintiely changed how I view them.

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