Warm Fuzzies: Eagles Scarf

I’ve done it again! Well actually, I did it almost two months ago by the time this is actually posted. 

I made this scarf for someone as a birthday gift. I think it turned out pretty great. Once I finished the blankets for the kidlets, I bought the yarn and had my mom help me out with some of the logistics. I had no idea how to add numbers to anything and in the end, it was easier to just sew them on after, as you will see.

So the inspiration for this scarf came from the Eagles. Yes, the NFL’s Eagles. I’m not a football person myself, but this wasn’t for me. I just needed to have the right colours.

For this project, I selected a green as close to the jersey colour as I could get, as well as white and grey. I know you really shouldn’t mix and match brands of yarn for projects but these were all weighted as 4’s and all had the same feel to them. I’m all about breaking the rules sometimes.


The green is what you need the most of. As you can see, I used almost the entire extra large ball of green. The white and grey were just accents and I literally used what I already had at home.

I set out to make a 6-foot long scarf. At first, I thought this was totally crazy long, but I measured one of my own scarfs and it was over 6 feet so yeah. I drew out a plan and started to get to work. I literally just had a measuring tape with me the whole time and measured as I went.

6 inches (26 stitches) across and 8 inches (65 rows) long was the first part. The white sections are 1 inch (8 rows), the grey is 2inches (16 rows) and the little green lines are 0.5 inches (4 rows).


It’s just a simple knit stitch. But make sure you keep all the ends on the same side for a nicer look. You can even see the drawing I made under it, with some measurements and stuff added along.

Then a huge massive 46 inches of green for the middle. I didn’t count how many rows. I literally just measured it a few times until I got it long enough. I think at the end it was 47.5 inches. Then work in the pattern again.


Now, in all honesty, that would have been perfect just the way it was. Weave in the ends sticking out, of course, but seriously that’s a decent looking scarf. But I had a few other ideas for it.

First, I added numbers. Because, duh! It’s a football thing and jersey’s have numbers! I used this person’s favourite number, which also turns out to be a number of a guy on the Eagles. We have the same colour shoes (his cleats, my new running shoes), so obviously he’s pretty awesome.

I wanted to have the numbers knitted into the scarf but it was too confusing to do or too complicated or would have made it look totally lame, so I decided to crochet them and hand sew them on. I used this youtube video and made four number 1’s.

Look at how cute they are! It took about 20 minutes to do all four of them, while I was watching a hockey game. So if it’s that fast for me, anyone can do it.


So I pinned those on and took regular sewing thread to add them to the ends of the scarf.

Next came the tassels! Ooooo I both love and hate tassels. They look so awesome at the end of a scarf, but in some cases, they are a pain to actually get on. I used just the grey and white for the tassels thinking that there was enough green on this scarf already. Each thread is 6 inches long, and I used three strands for each tassel. Alternating 2 whites/1 grey, and 2 greys/1white.

And then it was all done!


I added one of my clothing tags to the bottom corner on the back and then wrapped it up and set it to ship. I finished it more than a month early for the person who was getting it. It took less than a week to do. Super duper easy.

15 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies: Eagles Scarf

  1. That’s lovely project! I just showed the photo to my husband and he said I should make him one from his favourite team, so maybe I’ll do that for his birthday in January. Thanks for the inspiration!

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