Nail Art Sunday: Christmas Week 1

The countdown to Christmas has begun! Bring on the nail designs!

So there are 6 weekends left before Christmas (OMG so exciting!!!) which means that I have started my series on Christmas nail designs. I do have a poll up for anyone who wants to vote and have a say in what I’m going over the next 6 weeks. The poll will be open until Friday, November 23rd, so go and vote! For as many designs as you want and as often as you want. I already have a record number of votes so ya’ll have totally made my week!

This week I just wanted to start off with something really easy and not so much Christmasy because it’s still the middle of November. I chose a design that is great for everyday wear, as well as for parties. If you take a look at this image, it’s letter M.


I decided to go with blue and gold, though. It still looks fancy and holiday-ish so I’m happy with how it turned out! Check out this video for your own step by step instructions on how to get the same look:

As always, here is the final product on my nails:


10 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Christmas Week 1

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