Christmas Nail Poll

Woo, I’ve had a great idea!

So, ya’ll know how last week I made a post about wanting ideas for Christmas nails? Well, Britchy totally delivered and sent me an email with LOTS of options! Which is great!! But also kind of horrible because you and I both know that I suck at making decisions.

That being said, this is how this idea is going to go down: I have taken Britchy’s recommendations and have created a lovely graphic for you that looks like a 4-year-old got ahold of my computer (see below). You will look at said graphic, choose a design you like and vote on it in a poll (see further below).

You may vote as many times, and for as many different designs, as you want. Until Black Friday (November 23rd). 

The 5 most popular designs will be chosen for the next few weeks for my nail art designs.

Please note, one design is crossed off. I will be doing that design this weekend. It’s an amazing holiday glam design, but it also isn’t so much holiday and will still be ok since it’s still November.

Okies, enough words from me! Here are your choices:


And here is the poll:


20 thoughts on “Christmas Nail Poll

    • Hehe awesome!! I’ll be making a reminder post at least once over the week. Or linking it in all my posts this week. Not sure yet. So you’ll have lots more chances to vote! I’ll have to take the top 4 and do a draw since a lot of the designs are super popular


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