Christmas Nail Art Has Arrived!


Put up my Christmas tree yesterday!!

Well, not entirely, but ya’ll can help me out! There are just 6 more Fridays until Christmas (omg omg omg!!!) which means I have time for 6 more nail designs before Christmas!!

Here’s the thing: I hate picking nail designs. I’ve said this before! It’s too difficult for me. There are too many options!

So here’s the deal: you’re going to send me requests for designs that you want to wear over the holidays and want to see me do. And I will do them.

Got it?


Now technically I only need 5 designs, because AJ has already requested a Christmas one. AJ, girl, I’m sorry I lost the email you sent. Hit me up again, would ya? 

Now the rest of you need to step up! I’ll be accepting requests all the way until the 20th of December so you have lots of time. You can send more than 1 request if you like. There might be overlapping requests.

The closer to Christmas it gets, the more Christmasy it’ll get around here. So prepare yourselves.

Unless you are a WordPress wizard and can add pictures to comments, please email designs to, or just put a link in the comment space below. Imma just gonna go and stick this to the top of my blog so no one can forget. Gentle reminders, right?

Happy almost Holidays!!!

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