Nail Art Saturday: Modern Nails

Wwhhhaaattt??? Nail posts on a Saturday?! I know, I’m a little cray sometimes.

I know these videos are supposed to go up on Sundays, but tomorrow is Remembrance Day and I don’t post on Remembrance Day. So yay for you! You get a video a day early!

This week, there’s no cute story or request behind my nails. Just a picture I found on Pinterest that made me smile.

Here is the inspiration picture:


A huge shout out to whoever made this picture! Thank you for showing the thumb!!! Why do people never show their thumb in nail art pictures?! We all need to see the thumb! Especially if there is a pattern going on.

And here’s my video for it. It’s 16 minutes long and from a different angle! A person who follows me on YouTube has requested the change, so I hope that the change satisfies her. She also wants a better thumbnail for the videos, but gurl – I barely hold it together trying to get the videos done and I just learned how to edit in the Clips app without deleting the entire video. Don’t stress me out!

And then here is the finished product!


Pretty good, huh!?!

As always, if you have a request for a design you want me to do next Friday, hit me up at Also, do you like the new angle? Lemme know!

Have a great week!


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