Running Sucks

And I love it! 

I posted a little bit ago that I have started running. I’m not sure why my brain has decided that it needs to run. I was perfectly happy doing yoga and pilates but nopes, but the brain has decided otherwise so here I am.

Or was.

On the 28th, I hurt myself while out for my run. I don’t go very far. There and back is 2.2 kilometres (1.3 miles for you Americans reading this) and I walk like 60% of it now (instead of 90%, I’m getting better!)

Well, on the 28th, I got to the halfway point, a school where I turn around and start my trek back. I took a second to catch my breath and then turned and began my way home. I walked a little and my ankle felt a little tight. There is a church on the corner with a little pathway so I went in there, stretched out my lower calf a bit and decided to keep going. I ran for probably 10 more seconds and couldn’t do it anymore. I limped the whole way back home.

Since I work with people in the sports medicine field, I was quickly told that it was my Achille’s tendon. I’ve been sidelined for the last 10 days and it’s been sooo boring! I’ve been icing and heating and stretching and muscle relaxing and I’m so over it! I finally had two days where my tendon wasn’t bothering me so last night I decided to take the plunge and get back out there.

I just got fed up and I was tired of being at home instead of out running! I get this way when I’m sick too – if I’m really sick and have to miss work or things I have planned, I just get to a point where I’m like “No. I’m over this. Suck it up body, we’re doing stuff.” And this was no different.

I basically gave my tendon a pep-talk while stretching after work. “This isn’t about you. We’re done playing your little pity game. Suck it up, buttercup cos this is happening. I don’t know who you think you are pulling a stunt like this, but it’s over now.” This lovely cross-stitch pattern I have saved sums it up perfectly:

The beatings will continue

I didn’t get the full loop done last night. I only went just over half way before turning around and walking back. But I’m not going to give in to the temper tantrums of a stupid tendon. I don’t do that at work, I’m not going to do that at home!

Pinterest has also suggested a lovely yoga routine for runners, so I’m going to throw that into my week just to see if that helps haha.


20 thoughts on “Running Sucks

  1. I know people that love to run and they can’t stand being sidelined. I think that runners are a passionate group. I’d be careful with that Achilles tendon. That could sideline you for a while if things go south.

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    • Oh yes, I know the dangers of the Achilles tendon lol my kidlet’s dad is a chiropractor with a sports medicine background so I got the lecture. I’m taking care of it though – treating it well and making sure it’s happy. Such a drama queen it is!

      I didn’t think I’d take to running so much. Like I hate running. But when I’m out actually running, and I can see myself getting better, going farther, running for longer of periods of time before having to walk, it kind of feels pretty great lol even though the whole time I’m like “omg this SUUUCCCKKKSSSS” and then “ooo look I just ran half a block more than last time, yay!” hehe I think I just have to be more conscious of doing a proper stretch before hand.

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  2. I don’t run anymore since injuries messed up the body so easily. I do do the thing at home where I run on the little carpet squares in front of my computer–I stand in front of it and don’t sit when using it–for 30 seconds or so, and then not, in intervals since the internet which knows everything said the intermittent stuff gives as much benefit as me going out and re-wrecking my shinsplints and other bits. Fortunately I can see outdoors and the house has such poor insulation that it’s breezy and cold indoors even now, hence giving me the feeling of being outdoors.

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  3. As a runner I can confirm that being sidelined with an injury is the WORST. I’ve ran on a sprained ankle for months and gave myself a lovely chronic tendonitis! 😂 I have to use KT Tape when running on trails and I had to change my road running shoes for something that fits my gait better, but it’s back on track. All that to say… Better take it slowly and surely than end up like me! But pushing (a tiny little bit) through it is also good. Humans are born to run (quite literally) so don’t give up! Also, you might want to try KT Tape for your achilles. It helps support the muscles and tendons while they repair. 😊 Are you on Strava? If you are, let me know! We can follow each other!

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    • Oh no! That injury sounds horrible!! I’m not pushing myself too much. I took the week and a half rest and now I’ll slowly build back up to where I was.

      But what is KT tape? And no I’m not on Strava? What’s that lol

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      • It’s not a fun injury, but at least it’s not painful… Just a bit annoying! 😜

        KT Tape is a sort of very elastic and sticky medical tape of used by physiotherapists and chiropractor. It helps support whatever part of your body needs it. I use it for my ankle and my husband uses it for his knee tendons.

        Strava is an app to track your running progress! You can also take part in challenges and follow your friends to encourage each others! 😊

        I’m so glad your not giving up running! It really is a nice sport, and so good for your mind too!

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    • Ive actually stopped running AJ. I took the rest until I didn’t feel any pain anymore, then did two more runs and then it was back to being painful. I think I will stop for the cold wintery months and do yoga and Pilates to try to stretch the tendon out and get it all loose and comfy and pick up running again in the spring

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    • Yeah I think so too haha! Maybe by next winter I’ll be running with more consistency that the winter runs won’t be so bad? I’m surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it and how much I am missing it right now.


    • Welcome new Giggling Follower! 🙂 Glad to have you here 🙂 I love doing yoga!!!! Oh goodness so much! It’s so relaxing! I have gotten in a few more runs this month without any more pain but the weather is turning much colder here and the snow will start to make it slippery so I’ll be switching to indoor activities now.

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