Nail Art Sunday: Stamping Plate

The funk has dropped, and I’m back to my normal self so ya’ll get a chatty video!

Not too much to say about this one, guys. I took off my Halloween nails from last week last night and then decided to do new nails today! I used one of my nail stamping plates to make it easy on myself and get a nice design done for the week. It worked out great!

I’ve finally broken out of the emotional weirdness that I’ve been in lately, and that resulted in the video being a lot more of a share like it normally is. It’s pretty short, only 13 minutes, with a little insight into what’s been going on with me and how my life has been going. Like always! Because what’s a better way to deal with things than to talk about them while getting your nails done?! In a salon, in my office talking to my iPhone? It doesn’t really matter because the end result is the same! Aka: cute nails and talking out a few things in my life.

I’m glad to finally be back to feeling like my old self again! Here’s your video.


And here is a picture of the final product: 

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