I am all giggled out!

For those of you who live in my time zone, it’s 2:16am. But that’s after the clocks have gone back an hour. So why am I awake? Because giggles that’s why! 

So I was peacefully sleeping in my bed at 1:58 (before the clocks went back) and my phone rings. Which is weird because when I go to sleep, I set my phone to “do not disturb”. I wake up and answer. It’s one of the girls I look after. And she says the other one is, get this, locked in the bathroom!! LOL omg I’m 100% serious right now!!! Locked in the bathroom!!!

I drag my sleepy butt out of bed, throw on my wig and shuffle over to that part of the house. The girl who called me is outside the bathroom laughing her face off. The one inside has been in there since at least midnight. The door isn’t locked, the handle just won’t open the door. After a few bursts of giggles, I started to try to get her out.

We tried everything!! Even taking the handle off. The hinges weren’t on the outside or I would have tried that too.  After almost 30-minutes, I gave up and called my boss. 7 times. Eventually 2nd picked up the house phone and woke her parents. By this point, the girl had been in the bathroom for 2 hours.

Over half an hour later, my boss shows up. Well the husband. And I was giggling the whole time. Just sitting on the floor giggling with one of the other girls. We had blankets and granola bars and our phones. What else is a person to do? I needed an adultier adult.

My boss worked on the door for another 40 minutes and finally we got her out! The poor girl had been in there for almost 3.5 hours! She had gone in, figured out the door was locked, fallen asleep, woken up, her phone died, we had a cord under the door for her, pushed candy under the door. Lol and the whole time me and one other girl just sat there giggling. Hehe

thankfully she is out and we are all back in our own beds. And I feel like I’ll never giggle again because all my giggles have been giggled. I have no giggles left.

Lol I seriously can’t stop. Omg this is hilarious!!

10 thoughts on “I am all giggled out!

    • LOL that’s what I told her! She picked a great room to get stuck in! lol She had water, the toilet, she had candy that was pushed under the door, her power cord for her phone was connected on the outside and pushed under the door, she brushed her teeth and washed her face, she could have taken a steam or tried to style her hair a new way lol. So many possibilities!

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  1. You lost me at “threw on my wig”. Is that a fake-head-of-hair wig or does it stand for dressing gown? And in the middle of the night, if it was fake-head-of-hair wig wouldn’t it be easier to pull on a beanie?

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