Saturday Questions #9

Share a childhood memory

In honour of my cousin, who is opening his eyes on command but still lacking dilation of his pupils so is still technically in a coma, I’m going to share a memory of him.

I’m not sure if this is a memory, or if I’ve just heard the story so many times that it has become a memory.

As I’ve mentioned in my posts about my cousin, he’s a police officer. He’s also 27 years older than me (he just turned 58 for anyone trying to do the math). When he was younger, he was a huge presence in any room. He’s extremely tall, and he works hard on keeping fit for his job. Even now he’s a huge presence in any room! I’ve just gotten used to it and can’t see him as any more threatening than a butterfly haha.

This one time, he came over to visit my parents when I was little. Maybe 1 or 2-years-old? This is why I think I’ve just been told this story so many times that I think it’s a memory. When he walked into the room I was in, I was on the floor playing, and I looked up at him and instantly burst into tears. I’m talking screaming bloody murder at this towering giant who had come to hurt me. I didn’t want anything to do with him!

By the end of the visit, I was on his lap with him reading me stories. Once again I was crying, but it was because I didn’t want him to leave me. How dare he win me over and then just leave! hehe

Apparently, this was a tactic I used often. For the first little bit of my life, this is also how I reacted whenever my grandmother would come to visit. She is quite the opposite of my cousin in physical presence – a sweet 70-year-old grandmother who was slowly slipping away from life, short (maybe 5’5), thin and well poised, delicate movements. I guess I just had a thing for being overdramatic? That hasn’t left my personality 😉

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #9

    • Thanks so much!! All the updates have been so positive lately! We are all so proud of him for fighting as hard as he is and we can’t wait for him to actually be awake full time and not just having the energy to open his eyes for a minute at a time here and there.

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  1. Love this idea! Your cousin sounds like a great person.

    My memory is of my first taste of independence. I was probably around 8 years old when I was allowed to walk to my grandma’s house by myself. All along the sidewalks there were mulberry trees. No one plants them anymore. Maybe because they attract silk moths, but I loved them! It would take me twice as long as it should have to get to Gram’s because I would sample the neighborhood mulberries along the way. Red ones. White ones. And traditional black mulberries.

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