Hospital Visit Updates

It’s been a looonnngggg week, guys. 

If you want a full catch up, read this and then this and then this.

Are we all good? Great!

Three weeks ago, I got news that a cousin of mine was in the hospital. Since then, he’s been in a coma. He’s had operations to fix his aneurysm, the doctors have said that there is no hope for him, and then just little tiny victories have happened and he’s doing really well.

He was transferred to Toronto a week ago, so my trip to Windsor was cancelled. In place of the 4-hour drive to Windsor, I got to take a 45-minute transit ride downtown to see him. I went two days ago. His older brother came and got me from the lobby and took me up to the waiting room that he’s been calling home for the last week. My cousin’s wife was there as well (although I didn’t even recognize her because she changed her hair and WOW what a difference!) and my aunt and uncle. There was also a cousin from my aunt’s side but that’s not my family so I didn’t know who it was. She knew who I was though so we had a good chat.

I stayed about an hour and a half because I had to get back to my end of the city to go to work, but I was able to go in and actually see my cousin. My aunt took me in, and she made sure I sanitized at all the right checkpoints (ya never know how many cuts you have on your hands until you have to put sanitizer on!) and then made sure I got my gown and gloves on ok. She held my cousin’s one hand and I held the other. He looked so small lying there. Which is hard for him to do since he’s 6″7 and a police officer! He’s like a brick wall – but in that hospital bed with tubes coming out of him and monitors all hooked up he looked just really really small.

He’s breathing on his own which is great! But he’s still hooked up to a respirator just in case his breathing fails him again. He had surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain on Friday and there was a HUGE chance that he would have a stroke because of how the procedure is performed but after multiple tests, it’s been determined that he didn’t! YES!

Everything that could have gone wrong, that they were expecting to go wrong, didn’t happen. But like I said, he still hasn’t woken up. The doctors have no medical explanation for him to still be in a coma except that his body has just decided that it needs to be there to heal. So there is the added necessity of moving his joints to keep them somewhat moveable so that his physical therapy isn’t as strenuous when he does wake up.

When I was in there with him, his mom was just talking to him like normal. And the greatest thing happened – when she started to speak, his breathing increased. And you could see the struggle in his body. He was trying so freaking hard to respond to her! Like so hard! He’s such a fighter!! Earlier that day he was able to flutter his eyes open a little bit on command when his brother was talking to him. So he’s trying – he just can’t seem to get there just yet. She told him I was there and I talked to him for a little bit but it’s hard to really know what to say in those moments.

I was really glad that I was able to go. I sent a message to my parents when I left filling them in, but my cousin had already done that when I was visiting with his brother haha. And my aunt and uncle were really glad that I could make it. Although, my uncle was concerned about how I got there and how safe it was for me to be taking the subway alone. He’s 80 and has lived his entire life on a farm in the country so he’s naturally concerned. My cousin was transported back to Windsor last night since he has stabilized after his surgery and there were no complications.

It’s been great to hear how everything is working out for them. Falling into place, as it were. The “brothers in blue” have totally pulled through for him! He was literally one day short of qualifying for long-term leave and someone gave him that day from their own count. Police officers are giving their own discounts at hotels and for parking so my cousin’s wife can rest easy knowing that expense isn’t going to be 4 times more. My cousin’s station house even made sure that the hotel bill in Windsor for the first two weeks was completely paid for! The hospital has a rate of $25 a day there instead of the regular $100 but the bill was totally taken care of. And in Toronto, their hotel was only $100 a night instead of $400-500. It’s amazing to see the outpouring of support for my cousin and his family.

And now he’s headed back home to a hospital closer to where actually lives and hopefully he will wake up soon! We are all praying for him and sending out those positive vibes to whatever deity/energy force we believe in that he will wake up and recover as quickly as possible. He’s getting to retire five years earlier than planned but he still has a lot of life left to enjoy once he’s able to wake up.

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