Halloween: Baby GF Style

Happy Halloween!! Are you ready to look at some cute baby pictures? I know I am! 

So I haven’t really done Halloween in a long time. I used to love it! Especially when I was a little kid. I lived in a small town and my brother and I could walk almost the entire town in one night. One kid at the end of our street would do it once before dinner, then go home and change, and do it again. He was a sneak! But he put effort into it at least!

I was describing my first ever costume to my kidlets yesterday which prompted me to text my dad to get him to send me some pictures from my baby book. He had just decapitated my garden gnome (RIP Ichabod the Sunshine Man) so I guilted him into it. He found the one I was talking about, well my mom did, and then emailed me a few extras.

This is my very first Halloween costume circa 1989:


If you needed a little help figuring this one out, I was a bag a garbage. See that “cool dude” rocking the blue flannel? That’s Le Brother. I guess he wanted to be a garbage man, so I was his bag of garbage. It set us up for a good healthy relationship haha.

Look how cute I am as a little two-year-old! My little snowsuit on underneath a garbage bag, my awesome plastic pumpkin to get all the yummy candy, an adorable pink little bonnet. I mean – COME ON! The cute runs deep in me, I’ve got to admit.

Now, let’s jump to when I was 4. 1991 for those trying to keep up. I think this picture might explain my fear of clowns!


It doesn’t even look real!! I have no idea what Le Brother is trying to be here. But I am terrified. No wonder the sight of clowns freaks me out now.

Last, but not least, my favourite costume growing up. I think I was in grade 2 when this picture happened. My mom bought the gold fabric, which apparently was the worst type of fabric to work with, and she made me into Tinkerbell. I loved it. She even came to school to get a picture of me.


Look at that those bangs and that hair flip!! And the natural strawberry blonde hair! I seriously loved this costume and wore it often after Halloween. She even made me a little wand!!! DO YOU SEE MY MAGIC WAND?!

Totally loves it!

Those were the days of homemade costumes. It’s probably why I have such a love and appreciation for handmade things as an adult. Sure they weren’t the best looking at times, but as a child, I honestly didn’t even notice or care.

Do you remember any of your childhood costumes?

33 thoughts on “Halloween: Baby GF Style

  1. Aww, adorable! 🤩 My mom used to make my sister and I’s costumes too, at least most years. I remember being a cat, a princess, a witch and a bohemian (I had just watch Esmeralda I think). One year, I was also a bride! My auntie made me a dress from scratch and my little neighbour was my “groom”, in a little suit! 😂

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  2. This is so cute!! I wasn’t really into Halloween as a child (too scary!) but these past few years I’ve been the corpse bride (the makeup really freaked people out), a deatheater and hopefully Princess Leia sometime soon! The Tinkerbell costume reminds me so much of the fairy outfit I loved when I was about 3 or 4. Good memories!

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  3. A garbage man and bag of garbage is hysterical, I think, whether or not it’s politically correct–I agree that homemade costumes were much better than the store kind, although at a certain point in the 70s it became kind of cool to buy the little boxes that had masks and costumes in and were very cheap. I rmemeber that one year I wanted to be I Dream Of Jeannie but my mother didn’t sew and there wasn’t one for sale, so it didn’t happen.

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  4. My mom used to sew our costumes. They were all, like, rental costume quality. People thought we paid hundreds for them, but no. I was a witch (of course), tiger, bunny, bunch of grapes (each one individually sewn with soft felt-like fabric), clown, and there were more but I can’t remember them at the moment. Oh, Raggedy Ann (showing my age, I guess, with that one. My little sister was Tweety Bird one year and the big headpiece my mom made was amazing.

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  5. I would have said your brother was Tigger in that photo. Tinkerbell is super cute. And no Halloween costumes for me…but not surprising as we don’t do Halloween here (although in the last few years it’s started thanks to a push from the shops – and I’ll stop there before I get out the soap box!).

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  6. 1. That garbage and garbage bag tandem costume is the best!
    2. I’m pretty sure I had the exact same trick-or-treat bucket!
    3. That clown is terrifying
    4. The floor and wall of your school is pretty much the same floor and wall in every school in Ontario haha so many flashbacks just seeing that

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  7. While you were looking sweet on your very first Halloween in 1989 I was doing all I could to remove a passed out girl from my dorm room.

    It had something to do with miss-timed drugs and she had to miss-time it on my bed. Oh, did I mention her boyfriend played linebacker for our football team?

    You clearly had a much quieter night. 🙂

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