Updates on the Updates

So much to talk about, so little ambition to type it out. 

My cousin: so my cousin was transferred to Toronto from Windsor on Thursday. He had emergency surgery Friday for his aneurysm. They had two options and they chose the more difficult one but it had the higher rate of life after it. However, there is a possibility that he could have had a stroke either on the operating table or after the operation. They won’t know until he wakes up. He still hasn’t woken up BUT he’s stable after his surgery. Needless to say, I didn’t get to visit on Friday. I got a text from my dad saying not to go and not to even text my one cousin who is the eldest brother of the one in the hospital and he’s like the point man. No one was allowed to visit over the weekend. I’m going to try to see if they’ll take visitors today. I’m just a quick subway ride away so it’s no problem to pick up and go quickly.

My nails: I loved making my own matte top coat on Sunday and it looks super cute. Except, yesterday at work I was washing dishes without gloves and then put hand cream on after and now the one nail looks all weird! It’s the one that I had to redo. I put more cornstarch in that matte coat just for that one nail so that’s probably why.


My poor gloves: sometime between leaving work Saturday afternoon and arriving Monday afternoon, someone destroyed my gloves. There was a birthday party on Sunday at the house so I’m going to guess it happened then. But there were cuts all up and down some of the fingers. I had to throw them out. These were not accidental rips but actual cuts. And these were gloves I had purchased just for me, wrote my name on them, hid them every day when I left work. So pfft.

My running: has been slammed into resting. I was out on Sunday, doing my regular 2kms and just as I had hit the halfway mark and turned to come back, something pinched in my lower calf. I was like “oh yeah, no problems” and did a little stretch there on the street, and decided to start running again. Bad idea! It pinched and cramped and I limped the rest of the way home. I’ve been icing and gently stretching and taking some muscle relaxors to fix it, but for at least this week, there shall be no running. I can’t even wear my cute little boots! I have to wear flat shoes. Pfft. Flat shoes…

My work: has been great! The time shift has made my life less hectic in the evenings and more manageable. It also means I am getting off of work on time with more consistency. That is a super great bonus. Sunday was 4th’s birthday. I was invited to the party by 4th. She gave me an invitation and everything!! I knew I didn’t want to go spent 5 hours in that crazy situation so I planned to go for the dinner and cake and presents. I just wanted to see 4th on her birthday! I got there and there was the regular cleaner there. She had been there all day. The mom had asked her to come and help out. I started to help a little too, but I wasn’t there to work. The girls were all playing and I didn’t mind helping with that, I sat and talked with some adults, I got glue out of a little girl’s nose (yeah…I know…) and then it was time for cake. I was so excited!! I got a nice spot to watch, and we sang and then presents came out – and the cleaner called me away! She forced me to go to the kitchen to do cake cutting and stuff. Like, um no. I’m sorry, I was here to see 4th. On her actual birthday. I missed her opening her presents and seeing her little face light up because the cleaner decided I needed to be in the kitchen. I was really annoyed. I only stayed about an hour – until the cake was cut and the girls were back to playing their own thing and then I left (for my run, because I was annoyed and running is a great way to stop being annoyed). But yeah I was not impressed at all that it was just assumed that I was there to work and not just experience 4th enjoying her party.

Speaking of emotions: they suck. And I hate that I’m all caught up in them right now. Some days are totally fine and then there’s a small reminder and poof! Emotions again. Lame sauce.

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