Life Is Never Boring

Especially when you’re around my kidlets. 

Now that school has started, and all the activities that my kids are in are back in full swing, life can sometimes turn into basic routine and get a little boring. I did get a change in hours which I’ve been trying out for almost two weeks now. Instead of working 2:30-8:30, now I’m working 3-9. OOOOooooooOOOOooooo! I know, not super exciting, but you’d be surprised how much of a difference that little shift can make in a day. Things aren’t as rushed at the end of the day, attitudes are calmer, transitions are better. It’s been great! Some nights I have lots to do which keeps me busy right up until 9pm, but others are slower and I get to just chill in a bed watching tv with my kids or reading bedtime stories. That connection is important to not only me and the kids but for the parents to see me having with the kids. It’s been great.

BUT! Yesterday!!! Oh goodness, YESTERDAY!! It was great and exciting!!

I had to go and pick the kids up from school, so I took one of the vans and headed off. On the way home, we were coming down the street to the house and just as we turned the corner this HUGE bird flew across the street in front of us. Like not close enough to hit, but for drama’s sake lets be all: It was so close, I almost hit it, guys!! Like it would have cracked the windshield!! 

Okies, so then 3rd in the back seat was going insane because he was so excited!! “PULL OVER!!! I WANT TO SEE!!”

Basically, the bird had spotted a squirrel in a tree and was like “oh yum, lunchtime!” and just as we were rounding the bend had snatched it right out of that tree. It was amazing to see! 3rd got my phone and started taking pictures (like 20 of them I’m being totally serious right now) and then a video. We sat and watched it for about 5 minutes before I got bored cos it wasn’t even doing anything. Just standing there on the lawn looking all impressive and “yeah, I’m cool. You wish you were this cool.” It wasn’t even enjoying its lunch – which would have been gross, but still.

I started to slowly pull away and the movement of the van spooked the bird but it didn’t fly away. We got home and 3rd went around telling everyone who would listen about our little adventure. And then took my phone to show his mom. He noticed his aunt coming over and instead of just waiting for her to get inside the house, he took my phone and ran outside to show her what had happened. Without shoes on. And then he decided to go across the street and down a few houses to see if the bird was still there. Still without shoes on. And then filled my phone with pictures of the half-dead squirrel because the bird had flown away from all the commotion. I caught up to him and forced him to put shoes on and then in a moment of distraction stole my phone out from his hands which forced him to come back home since he couldn’t record any more dead squirrels or birds in a tree so far away that you can’t even tell what the picture is supposed to be of.

Fun times!

I deleted most of the pictures, but honestly, it was really cool so I saved one or two just for the memories. And to share with you of course.


6 thoughts on “Life Is Never Boring

    • Yes totally!! It was fun while we were in the car but I was a little concerned when 3rd decided he needed to run down the street in his socks to keep taking pictures of the falcon haha not a smart choice


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