Saying Goodbye Update 2

Hopefully, there will only be one more update. 

On Friday, I made a very emotional post about saying goodbye to people. I honestly didn’t think that I’d be having to write this post after it but here we are.

To recap for those who need to catch up: my cousin collapsed in his house on the 14th and was rushed to the hospital when his wife came home from work and found him there. They think it was an aneurysm. He was breathing on his own for a little but soon couldn’t even do that and was placed on life support. He was in a coma the entire time. The doctors had no hope for him to come around and we were all preparing ourselves for the worst.

Sunday, I received an update from my parents (one of many from the previous week) and it was GREAT news! He was breathing on his own! He’s been taking off the machines and his pressures and vitals and colour and all that are all great!! He’s still in a coma, but at least that’s the start, right?!

My parents got to visit on Monday and reported back that he was still the same, and stable, and still in the coma. I’ll be taking my day off on Friday to make the four-hour drive out there to check in, bring some baked goods to my aunt/uncle, cousins, and extended family who are all at the hospital supporting my cousin. Then making the four-hour drive back into Toronto. All before 7pm. I can do it!

Thanks for all the support you guys have given me. For the thoughts and prayers and kind words. We are all optimistic that he’s going to pull through this. At least I am. I know it’s not good to get my hopes up but I also think that it’s also really promising that he’s showing this improvement.

If there is another update, I’m hoping that it will be that he’s awake and that he’s back to normal.


15 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye Update 2

  1. Eep. I missed the other post (so i am sorry I didn’t already send you virtual hugs!) It sounds like he’s a fighter, so I wish you safe travels and good luck vibes for his full recovery!

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  2. As everyone has said I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed it continues to be good news (the fact my fingers are pretty – thanks to you – means it is even better luck).


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