How was your morning?

Mine involved moss. Green, green, moss. 

So it’s just barely 9am and I’ve already had quite the day.

I get up and make breakfast for the 3 high school students living in the house and one of them is supposed to back up and bring their lunches from the main house Sunday night. The first thing I check is if those lunches are in the fridge. Nopes. So I had to get out of my fuzzy pink pjs at 7am and put on actual pants to go outside and get the lunches from one of my kidlets. I know it’s not the end of the world but I love my fuzzy pjs and I don’t want to have to get out of them earlier than I want to.

Back in the house, I get breakfast ready and it’s 8am and not a single student has come for breakfast! I haven’t heard any doors open, or water turned on in the bathrooms. The house is dead silent. Being the responsible caregiver that I am, I start to knock on all the doors “giiiirrrrlllllllssss wake up! It’s after 8!” and then I get a “STOP!!! School doesn’t start until 9:30 today” Then why didn’t you write it on the whiteboard? Or tell me when you saw me like 20 times this weekend? Or send me a text message so I’m not waking you up an hour before you had to wake up and so that I could have slept in too!?

After all that, I’m rightfully in a bad mood. And I’m starting to wash up the dishes in the kitchen while the girls are still sleeping. Annoyed that they are disrupting my morning routine big time. And I look over at our water cooler, realize that it needs some water put in, so I fill a pot twice and dump it in. Then I look over, as I’m washing, and see a weird reflection on the tank. I go over and inside is MOSS!


The girls don’t use it enough to keep the water moving and moss had grown on the inside of the tank and along the bottom of the filter!

I almost died you guys! HAHA! Seriously, it’s just too much. So I emptied out the tank, took it all apart, and washed it. It needs a nice bleach bath but that will have to wait until at least tomorrow because I don’t have any. lol But I did take some pictures for my boss you.

This is our water cooler. The heat side doesn’t work anymore, but that’s ok. We have an electric kettle for it. I say we, but really it’s for the main house. I don’t use it because I have my own things in my suite.


And then the nasty filter.


And the bottom of the tank.


So gross! I text my boss telling her that we need a new filter, and why. I honestly think she should just forget the whole thing because it’s hardly ever used by the girls. Just ignore the expense.

Now that I can hear the girls leaving for school, I can finally get the rest of my work done. Woo!

So that’s been my morning – how’s your morning going?

13 thoughts on “How was your morning?

    • I’ve drained it totally and talked to my boss – we’re going to keep it empty. It’s not worth it for the winter.

      And I’m the same way!! I can’t sleep in or it messes everything up. I can go to bed earlier but not sleep in haha


  1. After having travelled 2000km to get to a family reunion on Sunday, I sent Monday visiting with a friend. We got up early (5am) and chatted over a cuppa (tea) before the rest of her family were up. So my morning was wonderful.

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