Nail Art Sunday: Dot Flowers

The regular polish adventures have begun! 

So I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m going to be taking a little break from gel polish. My nails need some time to recover and grow out again. Of course, I probably won’t last as long as I’d like to because we all know how much I love my gel polish, and I just got a major hook up with a new nail polish distributor through my local salon, but still! For at least the rest of 2018, I will not be using gel polish!

I reached out a fellow blogger, AJ Blythe, sent some ideas on what she’d like to see me do. I have two choices that would have worked for this week, and one for Christmas, but I wanted to do a design that I know anyone can do with just supplied from around their house. I asked my trusted nail art consultant (aka the 12-year old that I nanny) and we decided on this one:


Such a super easy and pretty design. Now my nails didn’t come out as nice as the picture. They could have but my hands just weren’t as steady as they usually are today. But at least I have a nice video so AJ can see how to do it on her own nails. and ya’ll can follow along.

Sorry to all those who listen to the videos to get dirt on my life, this one is just straight instructions. Enjoy!

Also, if you have a design that you want some help with or something you want to challenge me with – send me a message! You can email me at

Happy Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Dot Flowers

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